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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Tuesday, August 22, 2017

JV Editorial

We’re about to do something very unusual for the Jewish Voice: we’re going to talk about a non-kosher restaurant. The popular fried chicken franchise has been making headlines as of late, ever since the company’s president and COO Dan Cathy went on record as saying his company stands for traditional Christian values, and therefore is against the redefinition of marriage to include same-sex unions. (You’d think a man with a woman’s first name for his last name would be more sensitive to a population that is often denigrated for possessing characteristics typically associated with the opposite sex, but I digress.)
Now, we’re pretty sure that a chicken sandwich can’t be homophobic. But apparently some people are up in arms over the fact that

Despite all the bellicose talk, we at the Jewish Voice really are more about the olive branch than the bayonet. We simply believe that both have their place. In light of our preference for peace, we would like to commend Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s recent overtures towards Turkey (see page 3).

Mending the Israeli-Turkish alliance will no doubt be a long and painful process. The fact that a handful of Turks got themselves killed in the most idiotic way possible, trying to break a

There’s no denying that Sheldon Adelson brings a little extra firepower to whatever political campaign he decides to get behind. So obviously, anyone who can take him out of the equation is doing a big favor to opposing candidate; it just makes good sense. That doesn’t make what the National Jewish Democratic Council did any less reprehensible, though.

A petition, recently withdrawn for reasons of “shalom bayis” called on Republicans to refuse to accept money from the casino magnate/Jewish

“And I shall wreak great acts of vengeance with rebukes of fury, and they will know that I am the L-rd when I lay My vengeance upon them.” – Yechezkel 25:17

Assuming you’re an astute follower of Jewish/Israeli affairs (and as a reader of the Jewish Voice, you almost certainly are), you’ve no doubt heard about the massacre that occurred last week in the Bulgarian resort town of Burgas. While we at the Jewish Voice are covering that story at great length, and from several different angles, you

Israel? What could the Israelis possibly have to teach about fighting terrorism? Oh. Right.…Anti-Semitism always wins. Case in point, last week’s meeting in Spain, of the Global Counterterrorism Forum. Previously, the Jewish Voice reported on the Forum’s first official gathering, in Istanbul, to which the Israelis were, brace yourselves now, not invited. Not to fear, our State Department said. We would find a way to involve our ally Israel in the important work that the Global Counterterrorism Forum is to undertake. In the meantime, let’s not step on anybody’s toes. “After the whole