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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Tuesday, October 24, 2017

JV Editorial

How can the interests of an individual be balanced with those of her community? How can a person’s reputation be protected without compromising his community’s integrity and welfare?

There are some of the questions posed to ethnic and religious community leaders around the world. And these questions are taxing; they require leaders to deliberate, dissect, and discuss with themselves, colleagues, friends, and family.

But the leaders and rabbis living within Brooklyn’s Chasidic/Chareidi enclaves evidently think themselves different.

Because Jewish leaders who truly care most about the reputation of their communities in the eyes of society at large—leaders that treats desecration of G-d’s name and His people a one of the gravest possible sins—do

So to protest the conditions of their confinement (namely, the fact that they’re sitting in jail and not out on murder sprees), some 1,500 imprisoned Palestinian terrorists launched a hunger strike to gain international sympathy. It seems to have worked (though to be fair, it doesn’t take much to get the international community to condemn the Jews), but it seems that most of the prisoners are a bunch of quitters, which is really too bad.

Long story short, only a handful of the protestors

Pictured above: An Israeli, and a Jew, and a defender of Zion—no apologies, no contradictions.Those of you who follow Israeli affairs (and what better way is there to do that from outside Israel than reading the Jewish Voice?) are probably aware that the Tal Law was declared unconstitutional a few months ago, and the Knesset is now scrambling to find a workable solution to the dilemma created by that law’s absence. For those of you scratching your heads right now, the gist of the matter is this: Israel has always tried to strike that delicate balance between being a fair, equitable

So we’ve been getting a lot of letters lately, some of them clearly part of an organized, or semi-organized campaign. (I say that because they arrived at roughly the same time, making roughly the same arguments, using roughly the same phrases, and containing roughly the same number of spelling and grammatical errors.) Some of these letters (the non-coordinated ones, mostly) have been in support of the Jewish Voice for not being afraid to uncover the more deplorable goings on within our own

Apparently, officials from the Palestinian Authority are either immune to irony or are willfully ignorant in their approach to the “peace process,” which admittedly would explain the last sixty-odd years of Israeli history.

Ahmed Qurei, former Prime Minister of the Palestinian Authority, wrote in a recent article that he believed a two-state solution, at this juncture, was no longer a viable approach to peace. Qurei said Israeli settlements in the West Bank have advanced too far, and called upon