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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Saturday, October 21, 2017

JV Editorial

Last week, representatives from the Jewish Voice were present at a gala hosted by Israel’s Beit Morasha, a forward-thinking educational institution that promotes Jewish national unity in a variety of ways, in part through efforts to ease the conversion process for olim (immigrants to Israel) who have a sense of Jewish identity, through cultural and/or familial ties, but who are not yet Jewish according to halacha.

The choice by Beit Morasha to bring its message to prominent American Jews by honoring self-described “secular Jew” and former New York City Mayor Ed Koch was a smart move. In addition to showing a heartfelt appreciation for the man’s tireless efforts on behalf of his fellow Jews and for the Jewish state, it demonstrated that Beit

Journalism is a tricky trade. While many writers wish to provide their readers with objective, impartial accounts of events, bias always remains. The inherent slant derives from three factors that always lie in the hands of the writer, editor, or publisher:  selection, presentation, and the positioning of material.

The staff at any newspaper must choose topics to write about to the exclusion of others, and this, the first bias, warps their readers' general perception of global dynamics

Last weekend, the Jewish Community Relations Council held its annual legislative breakfast in Manhattan, a veritable who’s who of New York’s leaders, representing vital Jewish institutions, as well as the city, state, and federal levels of government. The Jewish Voice was on the scene of course, one of several prominent news publications represented at the event. Members of the JV staff made a point of distributing a statement by our editors, drafted especially for the legislative breakfast

A recently-filed lawsuit against a Conservative congregation in Connecticut regarding the alleged misuse of burial plots has created a “grave” chillul Hashem.

It seems that congregant (and executive board member) Maria Balaban is outraged that the 47-year-old Jamaican-born Christian Juliet Steer was allowed to be buried in the interfaith section of Ahavath Achim’s cemetery. This, Balaban claims, is a violation of the congregation’s own rules, and in her lawsuit she demands that the body be

As the world watches and waits the next move from Tehran, vis-à-vis its threats to block the Straits of Hormuz, which would virtually terminate all oil exports from the region, we sit and ponder the earth-shattering ramifications of such a stark provocation. We not only ask ourselves why the international community resists assuming an offensive posture against the rogue state, but far more importantly we, as members of the Jewish nation and proud supporters of freedom and democracy must ask