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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Tuesday, July 25, 2017


As the HIV/AIDS epidemic approaches its fourth decade, each year brings promising news of pioneering research to alleviate the scourge. Add City College of New York scientists to the list with a rapid method to access new molecules that could inhibit the virus that causes AIDS.

The CCNY research led by Mahesh K. Lakshman, vice chair of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry and Ph.D. student Hari Akula, focuses on the modification of nucleosides.  These are genetic building materials in all living organisms and because of this they possess great potential as antiviral agents. 

The ability to rapidly modify the structures of natural nucleosides is at the core of developing potential pharmaceutical agents. This is likely to yield

Hillel, LDB, StandWithUs, SSI, ZOA Have Also Written to Gillman Concerned with UCI’s Handling of Latest Disruption

Fifty Jewish, civil rights and education advocacy groups recently wrote to University of California Irvine (UCI) Chancellor Howard Gillman demanding he publicly address the latest in a slew of disruptions of pro-Israel events on campus within the framework of the UC Regents’ Statement of Principles Against Intolerance, which Chancellor Gillman had committed to implementing last

Architecture majors Johannah Deegan and Zara Tamton are winners of the inaugural Art + Science Leonardo da Vinci Challenge at The City College of New York. The team won for their artwork entitled “Flock,” which was created by using robots and coding.

Teams of two or more students submitted artwork expressing a scientific principle, concept, idea, process, and/or structure. A panel, using criteria based on both scientific and artistic considerations, named Deegan and Tamton, from the Bernard

University accommodates the needs of 22 students who had declined to take part in Saturday ceremonies

For the first time ever, the University of Maryland, College Park, hosted an alternative graduation ceremony on May 21 to accommodate 22 observant Jewish students who were unable to attend the regular graduation because it took place on Shabbat.

Although the main campus-wide ceremony was held on Sunday, 19 of the university’s 34 individual schools held their commencement ceremonies the day

Rabbi bonds with the few Jewish residents at a nursing home in Plymouth, Mass.

Jacob Chartoff was born and raised in Boston. As a young man, he attended Harvard University enrolled in the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps, graduating with a degree in English literature. He chuckled when recalling that annual tuition back then was a whopping $500.

At 104, he had lots of stories to tell. And one of the people he told them to was Rabbi Levi Lezell.

For the past two years, Lezell and his wife