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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Monday, April 24, 2017


Courtesy of The Algemeiner

(The following article originally appeared on The Algemeiner web site at:

Of all the great and varied challenges we face as editors of a Jewish publication, one that stands out in particular is the troubling experience — dare we say the plight? — of Jewish students on many North American college campuses.

Two recent studies, one by researchers at Brandeis University and the other by counterparts at Trinity College, found, respectively, that an astronomical 54% and 75% of Jewish students said they had witnessed or experienced anti-Semitism during the time period surveyed. Campus watchdog AMCHA Initiative released a report showing that the bulk of anti-Semitism occurs on campuses

As the world grows more reliant on computers and the Internet to conduct the essential business of industry and government, cybersecurity that provides protection from uninvited hacking and other invasions of digital privacy is crucial. Now Bronx Community College is becoming a part of this burgeoning field thanks to a grant from the Capital One Foundation of more than $145,000 to establish a Cybersecurity and Networking Program.

The funding was approved in November and will go toward designing the

Credit goes to a team of chemistry and biochemistry students at The City College of New York for enabling the identification of a new chemical “deprotection” technique.

Undergraduates Fatou Tine, Michael Benavidez, and Marikone Gaši from Professor Barbara Zajc’s laboratory, along with Tashrique Khandaker and Lisa Guerrera from Professor Mahesh Lakshman’s group, collaborated with Dr. Vikram Basava and graduate student Nana Agyemang on the research.

In the process of chemically manipulating

Last week, the fifth grade boys of Barkai Yeshivah in Brooklyn performed for “The Golden Girls,” a group of senior women who meet once a month under the auspices of the Sephardic Bikur Holim, a non-profit organization of the Syrian-Jewish community established to help the less fortunate. Since their inception in 1974, they have branched out not only to provide food, housing, mental and medical health care service but to provide programs for seniors.

The boys sang Chanukah classics like Maoz

A new film exposes academic Jew-Hatred .

“Today on American college campuses, there is only one group of students that you are allowed to attack and you can attack at will, and those are Jews,” states the narrator in the new film Hate Spaces:  The Politics of Intolerance on Campus.  This latest production from Americans for Peace & Tolerance, the makers of the J Street Challenge, engagingly examines how demonization of Israel’s Jewish state is reviving anti-Semitism in American