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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Monday, April 24, 2017


Toxic protein behind disease may simultaneously affect all parts of the nervous system inside and outside of the brain

Researchers from the Technion and Harvard are offering a new theory on how Parkinson’s disease develops that could change the way the neurological disease is treated.

Associate Professor Simone Engelender of the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology and her colleague Ole Isacson at Harvard Medical School say the toxic protein behind Parkinson’s may not spread like an infection from nerve cell to nerve but rather that the protein, called alpha-synuclein, may simultaneously affect all parts of the nervous system inside and outside of the brain.

They describe this “threshold theory” of Parkinson’s for the first time in a

Israeli startups have invented poison-free solutions for an itchy problem, one using vaporized vinegar and the other ultrasound waves

The global head-lice epidemic is a real head-scratcher.

In the United States alone, up to 12 million children get infested with head lice each year. Across the world, the head-lice treatment market has reached $1.8 billion worth of special shampoos, conditioners and combs promising to vanquish the little wingless parasites.

Combing is tedious and may leave

Moves are a crucial step in replacing Affordable Care Act, but health advocacy groups mount opposition

Two key House panels on Thursday cleared the Republicans' plan to replace the Affordable Care Act, amid growing backlash from consumer and medical groups that oppose the GOP plan.

Following a marathon session, the House Ways and Means committee approved the plan early Thursday morning, rejecting a variety of Democratic amendments along the way.

And later on Thursday afternoon, the House

Israeli company’s technology to modify the surface of surgical implants, from dental to breast, relies on the unusual properties of cold plasma

A unique cold-plasma activation platform from Israeli company Nova Plasma is poised to hasten healing and reduce infection after the placement of all kinds of surgical implants, from dental to breast.

The first application of the company’s Active+ Plasma Capsule is a desktop device that modifies the surface chemistry of dental implants in a

It’s quite safe to say that all of us have experienced some measure of loneliness over the course of our lives, but there’s a noted difference between a temporary feeling of being lonely, and the despair of chronic loneliness.

Although the internet has allowed people from around the world to be more connected than ever before, it’s a very different kind of connection from interacting with other human beings face to face. You can chat with someone online for hours, but it’s small substitute for