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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Tuesday, May 30, 2017


It’s quite safe to say that all of us have experienced some measure of loneliness over the course of our lives, but there’s a noted difference between a temporary feeling of being lonely, and the despair of chronic loneliness.

Although the internet has allowed people from around the world to be more connected than ever before, it’s a very different kind of connection from interacting with other human beings face to face. You can chat with someone online for hours, but it’s small substitute for a hug, isn’t it?

In addition to feeling sad and depressed because we have no one to talk to, loneliness can manifest physically in all kinds of awful conditions ranging from depression to cancer, of all things. Strange to think, but isolation can

Israeli technology has changed the face of heart attack detection with a kit so small it fits in the palm of your hand. The results are available within minutes.

Just one drop of blood can tell within minutes if a patient has had a heart attack thanks to a revolutionary kit developed in Israel that is already saving hospitals time and money. More important, it can save lives.

A health professional needs only one drop of blood to let a patient know if a heart attack has occurred. If two

BinoVision goggles add eye-stimulating elements to any streaming video content children choose to watch; condition improves within eight weeks

Amblyopia (“lazy eye”), a disorder affecting three to five percent of the general population, usually is treated by patching the stronger eye or blurring its vision with atropine drops, in order to force the brain to use images from the weaker eye.

Yet only 60% achieve normal vision, and 35% of those who improve eventually regress. Moreover

Along with improving physical mobility, breaking a sweat seems to counteract mental deficits

A structured exercise program can help stroke survivors recover not only physically but mentally as well, a new review says.

The analysis of 13 clinical trials found that exercise therapy was generally good for stroke patients' "cognition."

Cognition refers to vital mental processes such as thinking, learning, understanding and remembering. A stroke, which cuts off blood flow to the brain, can impair

The belt-like wearable device is a high-tech Israeli response to a serious and costly health problem faced by the world’s older population

When his elderly mother fell and broke a hip for the second time, former Israeli Air Force pilot and industrial and management engineer Amatsia Raanan searched for a product to prevent this most common serious injury in older people.

“Through her suffering I learned about the epidemic of hip fractures,” Raanan tells ISRAEL21c.

Each year, nearly 3