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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Tuesday, May 30, 2017


The site of the advanced new Mt. Sinai Urgent Care Center opening on Manhattans Upper West Side.Emergency Medicine Physicians Will See Walk-in Patients Seven Days a Week

A new state-of-the-art urgent care facility staffed by The Mount Sinai Medical Center physicians and staff has opened at 638 Columbus Avenue at West 91st Street, ground floor. Mount Sinai Urgent Care Upper West Side is a walk-in medical facility that will be open seven days a week, with no appointments necessary.

“We know that life happens,” said Kevin Baumlin, MD, Associate Professor in the Department of Emergency Medicine at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine. “We all know someone who has had an unexpected injury or illness that requires treatment. Yet, we can’t always wait for an appointment with a physician, and the condition might not be serious enough to require a

The Israeli team transformed stem cells into cardiomyocytes.An Israeli team has made medical history with its ability to transform skin stem cells from heart-disease patients into healthy heart tissue.

Be still your beating hearts: Making medical history, scientists from Israel have been able to transform human stem cells from older diseased patients into brand-new, healthy, beating heart tissue.

This could mean that heart disease might someday be repaired by using cells from a person’s own body, eliminating the need for risky surgical implants and

Kiddush Kop: Can grape byproducts help halt the progression Alzheimers Disease? A recent study by the Mount Sinai School of Medicine shows some promise.Mount Sinai researchers harness beneficial effects of grape-seed extract on the brain, developed biosynthetic compound that improves cognition in mice.

Mount Sinai School of Medicine researchers have succeeded in developing a biosynthetic polyphenol that improves cognitive function in mice with Alzheimer’s disease (AD). The findings, published in a recent issue of the Journal of Neuroscience, provide insight in determining the feasibility of biosynthetic polyphenols as a possible therapy for AD in

Dr. Eyal Gur, director of the Plastic Surgery Department at the Tel Aviv Ichilov hospital, and Dr. Arik Zaretsky, head of the Micro-Surgery Division of the Plastic Surgery Department, are preparing to undertake Israel’s first full face transplant, an operation which has only been performed 21 times around the world and is considered the most complex procedure in medicine.

While the patient has not been selected, some of the candidates are children, reported Israel Hayom. If a child is chosen

The Touro College Graduate School of Social Work recently hosted a forum on “Planning for End-of-Life Care with Dignity and Compassion,” in honor of its Spring 2012 Community Day.

Dr. Harvey Gross, (far left) chief physician in the Department of Family Practice at Englewood Hospital in New Jersey, served as keynote speaker.  Dr. Gross addressed ethical decision-making in end-of-life care and the integral role the social worker plays in helping patients and their families make these