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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Monday, August 21, 2017


Medicinal marijuana, derived from the cannabis plant, is most widely used in Israel, expert says. Israel is the world’s leading user of medicinal marijuana, an expert on the matter testified before the Knesset Committee on Drug Abuse Tuesday.

Medicinal marijuana is planted in fields around Israel, and utilized to aid the ailing in hospitals around the country. The problem with the cannabis production rests in the dearth of safeguards in effect to prevent theft of the plant. According to Israeli police, almost 15 million tons of medicinal marijuana are stolen each year, and the large number stems from the fact that the fields are located in populated areas, surrounding by short fences, and are not locked nor viewed under the surveillance of a higher authority (except God, of course).

Reflecting on the “bizarre” situation, Eyal Zilberman

Dr. Jacob Shani, Chair, Cardiac Institute at Maimonides.Celebrates National Heart Month

February is National Heart Month, and the perfect time to consider your heart-health, according to Dr. Jacob Shani, Chair of the Cardiac Institute at Maimonides Medical Center.

“Many of us get lazy in the winter, spend more time indoors, and pay less attention to staying fit and healthy,” Dr. Shani says. “But it actually takes very little effort to improve your overall heart-health at any time of the year.”

Dr. Shani recommends that everyone be aware of their

A recent study by Mt. Sinai Medical School about the overuse of preventative screening and health services found that one of the most abused medical treatments has been the use of antibiotics for upper respiratory infections.Researchers from Mount Sinai School of Medicine have found that the overuse of health care procedures, diagnostic tests and medications has been widespread in the United States for at least 30 years. Such unnecessary health care services contribute to high medical costs, and could be harmful to patients. The study was published today in JAMA’s Archives of Internal Medicine.

The Mount Sinai researchers studied 172 articles published in MEDLINE from 1978 through 2009, which described the overuse

CAPTION: A ten-year study throughout North America found that not only does the taking of vitamin E supplements not prevent prostate cancer, but in fact, it may increase the risk for it.Supplements May Cause
More Harm Than Good

Ten years ago researchers set out to prove the benefits of vitamin E and the mineral selenium in preventing prostate cancer. The study produced unexpected results in two ways. Six years into the study, which took place across centers in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico, findings showed no positive association between vitamin E consumption and prostate cancer prevention. Now, as researchers further examine study participants, there is startling evidence

Maimonides Is One of Only Three Hospitals in NYC so Recognized
Maimonides Medical Center announced today that HealthGrades has named it a Distinguished Hospital for Clinical Excellence™ for the third consecutive year, placing Maimonides in the Top 5% nationwide for clinical performance. In New York City, only three hospitals were awarded this distinction: New York Weill Cornell, NYU and Maimonides. 

“We strive for the best patient outcomes, so this is wonderful news for the patients and families