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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Friday, August 18, 2017


A yeshiva student was viciously assaulted last week as he rode a French passenger train. (illustrative example)Once again, a student from the Ozar Hatorah yeshiva in Toulouse, France has been the victim of a horrific anti-Semitic attack. The school is no stranger to tragedy, as in March of this year, three young children and a rabbi were gunned down in cold blood by Muslim terrorist Mohammed Merah. The murderer was killed in a shoot-out with police but prior to his capture claimed the massacre was predicated on direct orders from al-Qaeda operatives.

On Wednesday July 4th, a 17-year old yeshiva student was traveling on a train from Toulouse to Lyon to visit with family, when two 18-year old youths of North African descent began verbally taunting him as he boarded the train. Wearing a Star of David necklace around his neck, the young man was

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad stated yesterday that his forces made a mistake when they shot down a Turkish jet last month, claiming that they mistakenly thought the aircraft belonged to Israel. The Syrian leader said he does not want the relationship between the two countries to deteriorate into serious conflict.

While Assad’s comments, made in an interview published on Tuesday in the Turkish daily Cumhuriyet, may have sounded like a genuine apology, the Syrian president soon switched gears

A scene like this one – a traditional Jewish circumcision ceremony – may soon be a rarity in Germany, if a Cologne court’s unprecedented decision gains traction in other German areas.The shocking decision this past week by a German court to prohibit circumcision on young boys for religious reasons has generated a strong reaction from Jewish leaders in Germany, as well as from a noted Swiss Jewish philanthropist.

The court in Cologne, Germany announced its ruling after reviewing a case concerning a four-year-old Muslim boy who experienced post-operative bleeding two days after undergoing the delicate procedure. The judges pronounced that involuntary religious circumcision should be

Seal of the German BfV, of which Thomas Sippel headed a state division. Thomas Sippel, the head of a German state intelligence agency is in the process of being fired over the mishandling of an investigation into a Neo-Nazi case. The case in question involves a Neo-Nazi group suspected of killing 10 people over the course of several years.  This group stayed under the radar and evaded authorities for almost a decade, until they were caught last year. According to the German news agency dapd, Thuringia state Interior Minister Joerg Geiber said that Thomas Sippel has

Christian Objections Ignored; Jewish Leaders Outraged

By a two-third majority of 13 to 6 member states voting and 2 abstentions, the UNESCO World Heritage Committee (WHC) inscribed “the Birthplace of Jesus, Church of the Nativity, the Pilgrimage Route, Bethlehem” as a Palestinian Heritage site last Friday (June 29).

Although the 21 member states decided by secret ballot, the decisive vote was given by France. The French Ambassador to UNESCO, Daniel Rondeau,was the only delegate to publicly