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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Thursday, July 20, 2017


Members of the Ennahda party at the Tunisian Constituent AssemblyA recent report by journalist Michael Totten finds rampant frustration toward the United States for its embrace of the new Islamist-controlled government there.

After dictator Zine El Abidine Ben Ali was ousted in the first Arab Spring uprising last year, the Islamist Ennahda party won control of the Tunisian assembly, which chose party member Hamadi Jebali to be prime minister in November.

Washington has courted the new government, baffling secularists in Tunisia, Totten writes. That’s because Ennahda is viewed as a moderate party in American media and government, an assessment with which Tunisians on the street strongly disagree. “No to America, no to Qatar, the people of Tunisia will always be free” marchers chanted Tuesday during rallies

Distressed teenagers walk away from the Ozar HaTorah Jewish school in Toulouse, France, 19 March 2012, where a man opened fire and killed a 30-years old teacher and three children aged 6, 3 and 10. 			           (Photo credit: EPA/MAXPPP/XAVIER DE FENOYL, courtesy of JNS)French police have raided a house in Toulouse where a suspect in Monday’s deadly Jewish school shooting was believed to be holed up.
Police say two officers were wounded in the raid. French news reports say the suspect is an Islamic militant. No details are known and it is unclear if anyone has been captured.

Authorities spent Tuesday on a nationwide manhunt for the gunman who murdered three young children and a rabbi at the Jewish school in Toulouse before driving off on a motorcycle.

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As tensions escalate between the international community and the draconian rule of Syria's president Bashar al-Assad over the bloody crackdown on dissidents that has claimed over 8000 lives, the New York Times has reported that Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has been conducting his own inimitable brand of diplomacy.

A long-time Syrian ally, Chavez has made several attempts to prop up the embattled Assad by sending ships loaded with fuel to the Syrian port of Baniyas. The New York Times has

The newly-released results of a survey conducted by the ADL indicate a dramatic increase in anti-Semitism among Europeans.Foxman: Anti-Jewish Sentiment ‘Off the Charts’ in Hungary, Spain, and Poland

Anti-Semitic attitudes in ten European countries remain at “disturbingly high levels,” according to a new poll from the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) released today, with large swaths of the population subscribing to classical anti-Semitic notions such as Jews having too much power in business, being more loyal to Israel than their own country, or “talking too much” about what happened during the Holocaust.


Prime Minister Francois Fillon called for Jews and Muslims to abandon rituals related to slaughtering animals, opining the regulations were installed for hygienic reasons that no longer apply.  (Photo credit: Benjamin Lemaire)French Prime Minister Seeks to Nix Kosher, Halal Meat

According to recent reports, France’s presidential race has devolved into protracted debates on religious issues. Jean-Marie Le Pen, who heads the National Front party, contended last month that halal meat was being unwittingly supplied to Parisians. The methods of slaughter employed Muslims and by Jews (for Halal and Kosher meat, respectively) differ from current mainstream techniques and do not include the stunning of cattle beforehand