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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Thursday, March 30, 2017


Russia unleashed a bombshell at the Astana Syrian peace talks when it suggested Firas Tlass as a possible candidate to succeed Bashar Assad.

Firas Tlass is the eldest son of Mustafa Tlass, who was a close confidant of Hafez Assad, father of the current ruler who ruled Syria for over three decades, and was Defense Minister from 1972-2004. Bashar Assad replaced him shortly after he succeeded his father.

Mustafa and Firas left Syria shortly after the uprising against Assad began in 2011. Manaf, Firas’ younger brother, who was a General in the Syrian army, defected to the moderate rebel force, the FSA (Free Syrian Army) in 2012.

The choice of Tlass as an interim Syrian leader signals that Putin has decided Turkey is a preferable ally to

Last Saturday, Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas met with Pope Francis at the Vatican and inaugurated the Palestinian Authority (PA) embassy there. As he was raising the black, red, white and green flag, Abbas called on the world’s leaders to recognize the State of Palestine when they get together in Paris on Sunday.

“Tomorrow, more than 70 countries will meet in Paris in order to discuss how to bring peace to our region, the holy land,” Abbas said. “We call upon the participants to

European governments struggled Tuesday to assess whether outspoken remarks by U.S. President-elect Donald Trump, made in a weekend interview with two European newspapers, will be translated into new policies.

European leaders had hoped that as Trump’s inauguration approached, the president-elect would tone down his campaign-trail criticism of the European Union and NATO, which he has dubbed “obsolete.”

They had thought his views would come to align more closely with those of some of his top

Hundreds of supporters of Israel demonstrated in front of the Israeli embassy in Paris and the French embassy in Tel Aviv Sunday to protest the international “peace” conference in the French capital without Israeli or Palestinian participation.

The Tel Aviv protest was organized by Olivier Rafowicz, a reserve IDF colonel and former IDF Spokesperson, initiated the protest under the slogan “Israel is not for sale!” Organizers called the gathering a “hypocritical initiative of a France who wants

Germany's interior and justice ministers, representing the two blocs in Chancellor Angela Merkel's ruling coalition, agreed Tuesday on tougher measures for asylum seekers whose documents are not in order or who are deemed to pose a security threat.

Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere and Justice Minister Heiko Maas resolved to tighten the security rules after the Christmas market attack in Berlin, in which a failed Tunisian asylum seeker killed 12 people.

"We have agreed on the introduction