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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Monday, June 26, 2017


Palestinian protesters in Bethlehem on Friday, Mar. 30 (PHOTO CREDIT: TOVAH LAZAROFF)Skirmishes Centered near Jerusalem, West Bank

Palestinian “Land Day” actions against Israel, billed by organizers as a massive worldwide protest, failed to meet expectations on Friday (Mar. 30). The demonstrations were relatively small and marked by sporadic violence mostly centering on Jerusalem and the West Bank.

Palestinians threw rocks and security forces responded with tear gas at the Qalandiyah checkpoint north of Jerusalem. At the border crossing near Rachel's Tomb south of the city near Bethlehem, about 300 protesters hurled stones at security forces and some threw Molotov cocktails.

At Nablus Gate and Lion's Gate in Jerusalem, hundreds of protesting Palestinians were dispersed by the IDF and Border Police, and fourteen were

The chief financial officer of the Jewish Agency for Israel announced his resignation last week, according to a JTA report.

The Jewish Agency has encountered financial difficulties in recent years, and the troubles forced the Agency to cut staff members and redirect their attention from overseeing immigration to Israel to educating Jews in the Diaspora. A particular acute fiscal challenge arrived recently when the Jewish Federations of North America made plans to terminate funding to the agency

On March 27, 2002, a Palestinian suicide bomber killed 30 people at a Passover seder in a Netanya beach hotel. Survivors and bereaved family members recently gathered to commemorate the 10-year anniversary of the gruesome attack. Of those killed, the oldest was Chanah Rogan, 90, and the youngest was Sivan Vider, 20.

“You want to die. You don’t want to live,” said Corinne Hamami—whose husband and hotel manager, Amiram Hamami, was killed—regarding how she felt after the attack. Hamami was left

In preparation for Pesach, the revered sage Rav Yeshayahu Pinto personally gave out wine and shmurah matzohs – along with his special blessings – last Thursday night to approximately 15,000 followers at Shuvu Yisrael in the southern city of Ashdod in Israel. This is the third year that Rav Pinto has engaged in this practice.

Ever mindful of the fact that numerous households in Israel are struggling with poverty and thus find it exceedingly difficult to properly prepare Pesach meals, Rav Pinto’s

The Knesset has passed a law that will expedite the process of imposing sanctions on husbands who refuse to give their wife a Jewish divorce.The Israeli Knesset has passed a bill that will initiate a process of imposing serious sanctions on husbands who have refused to give their wives a get (halachic document of divorce) once forty-five days have passed from the rabbinical court’s decision that the husband must do so.

Under the new law, if the husband continues to refuse his wife a get, the beit din is required to convene a hearing within the succeeding 45 days to deliberate the imposition of punitive sanctions, which could include