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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Monday, August 21, 2017


Ya’akov Margi was among several Shas members incriminated in a document sent to Israel’s State Comptroller last week.An anonymous document sent to Israel’s state comptroller this past week accused the Shas party of artfully using politics to strengthen their presence among the country’s rabbinate. An article published in Israel’s Yediot Acharonot on Friday elaborated on the accusations and the ensuing public response.

According to the document, ranking members of Shas have made “attempts to take control of the rabbinate through improper ways, bordering on the criminal.” The unnamed writer went on to deconstruct the party’s political maneuvers from an insider’s religious perspective.

The charges were primarily directed at the family of Rabbi Ovadia Yosef. According to the document, the appointment of Ya’akov Margi to the post of Religious Services Minister was

The object was discovered in excavations organized by the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) about 15 meters north of the southwestern corner of the Temple Mount, beneath Robinson’s Arch in the Archaeological Garden in Jerusalem.A scholar at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem is challenging the conventional wisdom about a 2,000-year-old artifact recently discovered in the Temple Mount area of Jerusalem.

Late last month, newspapers around the world reported the discovery of a tiny object of fired clay, about the size of a button, stamped with an inscription consisting of the Hebrew letters daled-kuf-aleph lamed-yud-hei. The object was discovered in excavations organized by the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) about 15

Having learned extensively about Israeli society while campaigning for his son’s release, Noam Shalit now feels equipped to enter the political sphere. He will run for a spot on the Israel Labor Party list in the next Knesset electionFollowing the recent release of his son from captivity, Noam Shalit returned to his home in Mizpeh Hilla in the Western Galilee. With young Gilad safe and sound, Mr. Shalit politely requested that the media relieve his son of their constant attention.
“He came out of a dark pit, a dark cellar,” he told reporters following the IDF soldier’s release in October. “Gilad is happy to be home but finds it difficult to be around a large number of people, as he was held in seclusion for so many days and

The conflict between Chareidim and Israeli police over the arrest of Edah Chareidis charity staff is but the most recent in an ongoing series of clashes, like the one pictured above from July, 2011.  (EuroNews Screen Cap)The arrests of six Chareidi men in Jerusalem – including a high-ranking member of the Edah Chareidis – on charges of scamming money from a charity fund sparked a large protest by members of the community on Sunday afternoon. As hundreds of Chareidim gathered in Meah Shearim to express their anger over the arrests, many of the demonstrators moved on to block a central thoroughfare and then threw stones at police officers after they arrested three men for blocking traffic.

The six men – who

Traditional Bedouin Lifestyle Adapting to 21st Century
The Bedouin Arabs of Israel are embracing the 21st century as are their brethren across the Middle East – struggling to adapt the tents and camels associated with their ancient nomadic desert tribes to a modern lifestyle of fixed housing, automobiles and the Internet.
A third of Israel's 150,000 Bedouin are well settled in the Galilee region in the north of the country, with the larger portion residing in Negev region in the south. Steeped in