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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Saturday, September 23, 2017


Having learned extensively about Israeli society while campaigning for his son’s release, Noam Shalit now feels equipped to enter the political sphere. He will run for a spot on the Israel Labor Party list in the next Knesset electionFollowing the recent release of his son from captivity, Noam Shalit returned to his home in Mizpeh Hilla in the Western Galilee. With young Gilad safe and sound, Mr. Shalit politely requested that the media relieve his son of their constant attention.
“He came out of a dark pit, a dark cellar,” he told reporters following the IDF soldier’s release in October. “Gilad is happy to be home but finds it difficult to be around a large number of people, as he was held in seclusion for so many days and years.”
On Monday, Noam resurfaced in the media, this time in a different context. “Following years of a public struggle, during which I got to know Israeli society thoroughly -- both its beautiful and ethical sides -- I have decided to join public

Traditional Bedouin Lifestyle Adapting to 21st Century
The Bedouin Arabs of Israel are embracing the 21st century as are their brethren across the Middle East – struggling to adapt the tents and camels associated with their ancient nomadic desert tribes to a modern lifestyle of fixed housing, automobiles and the Internet.
A third of Israel's 150,000 Bedouin are well settled in the Galilee region in the north of the country, with the larger portion residing in Negev region in the south. Steeped in

Hadassah Medical Center Having Trouble Defraying CostsRecent reports have indicated that Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem is experiencing difficulties defraying their debts to various medical suppliers.

The hospital has yet to pay nearly ten million shekels in fees and services, and this deep debt stems from their financial history and the significant loss they incurred in the aftermath of the Madoff Ponzi scheme two years ago. Having lost ninety million dollars in the tumult, Hadassah has struggled to reestablish itself in the midst of the

Among those endorsing a boycott of the Puah conference is Kadima MK Rachel Adatto. “I expect all doctors to avoid participating in this conference,” said Adatto.Decision by Israel's Puah Institute to Ban Female Lecturers from Conference Sparks Outcry
The tension between religious and secular Israelis has been the subject of intense discussion in the international news media for the past few weeks. An incident in Beit Shemesh wherein a Chareidi man assaulted a female child from a Modern Orthodox family for what he perceived as immodest attire has in turn led to the harassment of Chareidim by secular Israelis, and intensified the friction among the various

Disgraced Former President Moshe Katsav to Serve Seven Years Behind Bars
President Moshe Katsav will serve seven years in prison, the High Court decided lastThursday morning (Nov. 10), after his appeal against conviction in a lower court on charges of molestation was rejected. Three High Court judges agreed unanimously that there was no reason for the court to intervene in the lower court ruling.
In his appeal, Katsav claimed that one of the claimants against him, “A” from the Tourism Ministry