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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Monday, June 26, 2017


Senior US sources said President Donald Trump has already decided to extend the order which prevents the US Embassy in Israel from being transferred from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, 360 reporter Ariel Kahana said.

A US source said Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has already been informed of Trump's decision.

Recently, both governments agreed that this would not be the best time to move the Embassy, and US officials said Israel did not want to deal with the matter at present and had requested Trump delay the move.

The Israeli government is not surprised by Trump's decision, but they are still very disappointed. The expectation was that Trump would make an announcement regarding Jerusalem during his upcoming May 22 visit to Israel.

Israeli archaeologists discovered a rare 9,000-year-old limestone slab used by inhabitants of the land during the Stone Age to light fire. The find was discovered as part of Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) excavations carried out prior to the expansion of Highway 38, a road that leads from Route 1 to Beit Shemesh in the Judean foothills.

Anna Eirich-Rose, an expert on the prehistoric era and the manager of the excavation, believed that the slab dated back to the Neolithic 2 period when

Israel signs agreement with Icelandic WOW airlines for direct flights to Iceland and cheaper flights to North America

The Icelandic airline WOW received approval from Israeli Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz to operate direct flights from Tel Aviv to Reykjavík, the capital of Iceland.

The approval for WOW to operate flights to Iceland was given after the government approved the aviation agreement initiated by Minister Katz between Israel and Iceland, which, for the first time, allows low

In anticipation of President Donald Trump’s visit to Israel and Ramallah in less than two weeks, officials are still in the dark as to what is in store from the unpredictable leader regarding plans, if any, to restart the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.

Since his election, Trump has been outspoken about his ambitions to “make the ultimate deal” between the longstanding adversaries and has consecutively hosted both leaders at the White House in recent months.

However, the White House has

Hollywood talent to uncover unseen and insider Israel in new shows featuring food, fashion, football, social activism, and more

This week, newsmagazine and non-profit organization ISRAEL21c launched 21see, a new online video network that will uncover Israel’s most unique stories, happening scenes, and unconventional characters – spanning a 10th generation tattoo artist in Jerusalem, a team of expat American football players in Haifa, top Israeli microbrewers and fashion designers in Tel Aviv