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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Tuesday, May 23, 2017


Start-Up Nation Central report: $183 million invested in digital-health companies in Israel during 2016, an increase of nearly 30% over 2015.

Israel has approximately 385 companies active in the field of digital health, according to a report which connects global entities with Israeli innovation

In particular, the personal health tools subsector has skyrocketed, numbering 174 companies (45 percent of the overall sector). This subsector includes companies that provide software-based tools to help people track, manage and even treat their own health conditions.

The report was released ahead of the 16th annual MIXiii BIOMED 2017, an international life-science conference and exhibition expected to attract 6,000 industrialists, scientists

Israel’s 20th Knesset entered a six-week parliamentary recess Sunday with serious questions emerging as to whether the current 67-member governing coalition can stay the course and avoid early elections.

During the past two weeks, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has reportedly sent signals that he could disband the current Likud party-led government and call for early elections over the government’s plans to replace the Israel Broadcasting Authority (IBA) with a new state-legislated

Senator Ted Cruz welcomes confirmation of David Friedman as Ambassador to Israel

The US Senate voted last Thursday to confirm President Trump's pick for US Ambassador to Israel, David Friedman.

The tally for the final vote was 52 in favor of confirmation and 46 against in a largely party-line vote. Just two Democrats, Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Bob Menendez of New Jersey, crossed party lines to vote in favor of confirmation.

Two Republican senators, Rand Paul of Kentucky and John

A Jewish teenager with dual Israeli and American citizenship living in the southern Israeli city of Ashkelon was arrested Thursday in connection to the wave of more than 100 bomb threats against JCCs and other Jewish institutions across North America since the beginning of 2017.

The suspect, 19, was arrested by Israel’s Lahav 433 police unit in the wake of a months-long investigation by Israeli authorities, who worked alongside the FBI and other international law enforcement agencies

In a raid conducted by Israeli Police forces early Monday morning, 22 Charedim were arrested on suspicion of sexual crimes against women and children over the past two years. The suspects had undergone internal proceedings conducted by a Charedi organization called “Tohar Hamachane” (also known as the Tznius police), who ‘treat’ the offenders but do not alert the police or child protective services.

The police raided the 22 Charedi residents of Jerusalem, Bnei Brak, and Beitar Illit with a