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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Jewcy News

Guy Laron’s forthcoming book on the 1967 Six-Day War—  (The Six-Day War: The Breaking of the Middle East)  fittingly slated for publication in the year of the war’s 50th anniversary—is both impressive and disheartening. And it should be required reading for President-elect Donald Trump.

The book is impressive because the author was able to discover an enormous number of documents in the archives of different governments that reveal the thinking of the leaders of Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Israel, Russia and the U.S. in the days that led up to the Six-Day War. Laron’s documentation is so thorough that the reader feels like a fly on the wall, listening in to the conversations that took place within each country. 

Yet this book is

Having paid their dues on the Brooklyn food scene, emerging young chefs Liz Alpern and Jeffrey Yoskowitz are on a mission to reclaim and revolutionize Ashkenazi cuisine. 

The millennial duo’s mission starts with their book, “The Gefilte Manifesto: New Recipes for Old World Jewish Foods,” which was released in September and could make for the perfect Hanukkah gift as the holiday approaches this month.

Alpern and Yoskowitz, who were featured in Forbes’s “30 Under 30” list for food and wine in

In publishing Echoes of the Holocaust, Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg of Edison said his aim was to create a book “that would give hope, and not only sadness, to Holocaust survivors.” 

He told NJJN that he hoped the work, a collection of essays, poems, memoirs, and photos from survivors and their children and grandchildren, “would be excellent for use in a class on Holocaust literature at the university level.”

The 681-page book features essays by Rosenberg, rabbi emeritus at Congregation Beth-El

Hitler is the trump card. Even if you hold a royal flush, if your opponent plays the Hitler card, you lose. Those arguing for Western Civilization or the Judeo-Christian tradition frequently fold when confronted by the mustachioed monster. Mention of Hitler is used to insist that we need to throw out the baby, throw out the bath water, and accept just about any alternative to Western Civilization as more peaceful, less genocidal, shinier and newer.

What is the genesis of Political

Members Explore Important Works of Modern Jewish Literature

Readers around the world will explore together important works of modern Jewish literature through the new Great Jewish Books Book Club, a program of the Yiddish Book Center.

“Modern Jewish literature is a vast treasure house, teeming with intense, strange, surprising, and beautiful stories, written all over the world and throughout the great upheavals of modernity,” said Josh Lambert, academic director at the Yiddish Book Center