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Sandro Rosell
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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Jewcy News

For trainee and therapist Rabbi Levy Pekar, it’s an opportunity to serve

Discussing his work with gusto, Levy Pekar sounds like any other young professional starting a career in full force. Pekar, 29, is training to be a U.S. Air Force chaplain, beginning what will be nearly six months of back-to-back training programs. He’s also a bearded rabbi—one of just a handful serving the U.S. armed forces—and counseling and supporting airmen, and their families, will be his mission.

Pekar was born into a Chabad-Lubavitch family in Monsey, N.Y., and grew up in Beitar Illit, Israel. He attended the Chabad yeshivah in Brunoy, France, and received his rabbinic ordination in Jerusalem. Currently, he is working on a master’s degree in

Sofia Mechetner, an Israeli teen who became the face of Dior in 2015 and a prominent runway model, has added a contract with Chanel to her repertoire. 

At the age of 14, when most kids are worried about the daily travails of high school; Mechtner was given a  £170,000 ($212,850) two-year deal by Christian Dior.  

According to Walla, that originally reported on Mechtener’s recent shoot with Chanel, the teen wore blue dress that was reminiscent of the sky blue dress that Melania Trump wore at

When Fania Bilkay and her son Evgeni stepped up to her desk, Sima Velkovich, a staffer in the archives division of Yad Vashem - The World Holocaust Remembrance Center in Jerusalem, was winding down what appeared to be an ordinary work shift. But suddenly, she was pulled into the center of a complex family drama that reached its climax this week. 

During a recent tour of Poland intended to help her explore her roots, Bilkay had visited a Warsaw synagogue where she discovered a form on Yad

On Tu B'Shvat, you can ponder a world-full of fruits for hours.


Tu B'Shvat is the New Year for the Trees. As in all other points in the Jewish calendar, Tu B'Shvat offers a unique opportunity for insight into living and personal growth. Throughout the centuries, Kabbalists have used the tree as a metaphor to understand God's relationship to the spiritual and physical worlds. Moshe Chaim Luzzatto, in his 18th century classic The Way of God, teaches that the higher spiritual

Lesson 1: The Importance of Holocaust Remembrance – The Responsibility of Memory

The first lesson is the importance of Zachor, of the duty of remembrance itself. For as we remember the six million Jewish victims of the Shoah — defamed, demonized and dehumanized, as prologue or justification for genocide — we have to understand that the mass murder of six million Jews and millions of non-Jews is not a matter of abstract statistics.

For unto each person there is a name — unto each person, there