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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Jewish Thought

As the final minutes of Rosh Hashanah ticked away, 13-year-old Leo Goldberger was hiding, along with his parents and three brothers, in the thick brush along the shore of Dragor, a small fishing village south of Copenhagen. The year was 1943, and the Goldbergers like thousands of other Danish Jews, were desperately trying to escape an imminent Nazi roundup.

“Finally, after what seemed like an excruciatingly long wait, we saw our signal offshore,” Goldberger later recalled. His family “strode straight into the ocean and waded through three or four feet of icy water until we were hauled aboard a fishing boat” and covered themselves “with smelly canvases.” Shivering and frightened, but grateful, the Goldberger family soon found itself in the

The shofar’s cry is God calling out my name, looking for me.

If you have ever lost a child in a crowded place, you know the raw fear. Has anyone seen a two-year-old with a blue shirt on? He has brown hair. A Gap baseball hat with green letters?

A couple of years of ago we lost our toddler in an amusement park in Israel. One second he was right in front of us, and the next thing we knew he was nowhere to be found. At first we thought he had to be at most a few feet away, and we called out his

No one can help you grow unless you take responsibility for yourself

A pious man encountered a group of triumphant soldiers coming back from a fierce battle, flushed with victory. “You have returned victorious from a minor struggle,” he said to them. “Now get ready for the major battle.”

“And what is that major battle?” they asked.

“The war within us, against the evil inclination. That is the great war. You just came back from three weeks of intense fighting, and now the enemy has been

At various times during the course of our lives as Torah observant Jews, we occasionally find ourselves mired in unpleasant disagreements with our fellow Jews. From our very inception as a Nation, the Torah gave us a way to settle these disagreements. Through the appointment of Judges and the establishment of Rabbinical Courts (Bais Din), our differences would be settled according to Torah law rather than seeking redress in the civil court system of the countries that we live in. In

An emphasis on values, empathy and quality time with their children, above all else

This year’s Chabad of Greenwich’s parenting conference took an introspective journey into parenting, benefiting both parent and child.

The annual event, held at Carmel Academy at 270 Lake Avenue, is designed to inform, empower and inspire parents in the Greenwich community to become the best parent possible as they encounter the many challenges involved in raising a child.

Over a decadent spread of kosher sushi