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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Saturday, August 19, 2017

Jewish Thought

The Jewish national period of mourning

The "Three Weeks" between the 17th of Tammuz and the Tisha B'Av have historically been days of misfortune and calamity for the Jewish people. During this time, both the First and Second Temples were destroyed, amongst other tragedies.

These days are referred to as the period "within the straits" (bein hametzarim), in accordance with the verse: "All her oppressors have overtaken her within the straits" (Lamentations 1:3).

During this time, various aspects of mourning are observed by the entire nation. We minimize joy and celebration – no weddings are held, we do not listen to music, nor are there haircuts or shaving. The expressions of mourning take on greater intensity as we approach the day of

The three weeks between the seventeenth of Tammuz and Tish’a b’Av, between the anniversary of the breach of the wall of Yerushalayim and the anniversary of the destruction of the Mikdash, are a period of mourning. But this time is also considered a period of special danger: “Caution is needed from the 17th of Tammuz until Tish’a b’Av not to walk alone from four hours to nine hours; and students should not be struck during these days.”

(Shulchan Arukh Orach Chaim 551:18. The prohibition applies

An innocent Jewish man was hanged by a mob in 1915. Anti-Semites today are justifying his murder

(Continued from last week)

The final evidence of Frank's innocence emerged only 1982. Alonzo Mann, 83, a former worker in the pencil factory, told two journalists from The Tennessean that he saw Jim Conley carrying Phagan's body in circumstances that contradicted the janitor's testimony and confirmed Frank's version. At the time his parents told him to keep his mouth shut, and he did so

Attendees recalling the Allied invasion write final letters in the scroll, amid prayer and song

Jewish residents, community members and guests gathered in Normandy this month to mark the 73rd anniversary of the invasion by Western allies in World War II and to dedicate a new Torah scroll for Jewish soldiers who lost their lives in the course of battle there.

The event, which was sponsored by Chabad centers in the Normandy region, opened with a memorial ceremony in the Canadian cemetery, where many

Patrilineal descent and intermarriage are the problem, not the solution

The recent Jewish People Policy Institute study found that outside of Orthodoxy, fewer Jews are getting married, those marrying are marrying later and having fewer children and intermarriage rates are increasing. The combination of these three factors raises the daunting question of the future of American non-Orthodox Jews.

Shockingly, the study shows that among all non-Orthodox Jews in the 25-54 age group, just 15% are married to a