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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Saturday, August 19, 2017

Jewish Thought

So you’ve attended a sit-down Bar Mitzvah or wedding for 600 at a luxurious hotel, with the meal strictly kosher, and your major concern is how much to eat at the smorgasbord, so as not to spoil your appetite for dinner.

That is because you know that the hotel’s kashrut is under the supervision of the Orthodox Union, and as a result, there is no concern for the skills of the mashgiach or mashgichim who are stationed in the hotel’s kitchen to keep a very keen eye on the food preparation and service in all of its aspects. Now, with the publication of the OU Manual for the Food Service Industry, the complexity of supervising hotels, catering halls, synagogue kitchens and other locales where meals are prepared for large gatherings, is set

Zucca Barucca (“Holy” Pumpkin/Butternut Squash) Self-taught kosher Italian cook, Alessandra Rovati launched to celebrate colorful, healthy and kosher foods that talented and passionate Italian Jews have brought to their tables over the centuries.

Best known for her healthy and delicious Italian recipes for the holidays, Rovati highlights classic Italian dishes for Rosh Hashanah such as meat and turkey loaves stuffed with spinach, broccoli and eggs, pomegranate chicken, roasted fish with fennel, swiss chard cheese burekas

The Place for Kosher Barbecue

One of the good things about being a Kosher-observing Jew in the tri-state area is the sheer number of dining options available. There are places that are elegant and expensive, and others that are simple but affordable. However, there are not many that are a happy medium between the two. There also is not much variety in the way of Glatt Kosher BBQ. Smokey Joe’s offers both.

Located in Teaneck, New Jersey, Smokey Joe’s BBQ markets itself as the first authentic

The 16 Handles ice cream parlor on Avenue J in Brooklyn has attracted attention with its “out-of-the-mainstream” kosher certification. It may not exactly be a trend (yet), but two food establishments – Dunkin Donuts and 16 Handles – are trying to attract clientele from Brooklyn’s Chareidi community while employing hashgachas (kosher certifications) that are somewhat outside the mainstream of those generally accepted by the local population.

The new Dunkin Donuts – which recently opened at Fort Hamilton Parkway and 49th Street in Boro Park – has its kosher status overseen by National Kosher Supervision’s Rabbi Aaron Mehlman, who

The dining area upstairs, lavishly appointed, and featuring a bar with over 300 bottles of wine. The art up here takes some pretty controversial themes – our favorite was a parody of The Last Supper, updated for the 21st century. In Jezebel’s version, the role of Jesus will be played by Woody Allen. (Photo credit: Chana Blumes)Having only opened its doors a few weeks ago, a new addition to SoHo’s nightlife/culinary scene has already made quite a splash. With its chic décor, first-rate cocktail selection, and world-class cuisine, this comes as no surprise.

What is surprising, and comes as music to our ears, is that the food and drink are strictly kosher. But the one-of-a-kind experience that is an evening at Jezebel, begins well before you take your first bite.

Jezebel, you see, is almost as much an art gallery as it is a