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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Thursday, March 30, 2017

Jewish Thought

Michael Savitsky and Tom Cataldo have sued their former catering company for improper business operations. The company purportedly served shrimp and non-kosher shellfish in kosher utensils.A Long Island caterer has been accused by two former employees of having used a kosher kitchen to prepare for non-kosher events, as well, local media have reported.

Scott Morrell, the eponym of one of Long Island’s largest catering companies, allegedly asked Michael Savitsky, a former executive chef, and Tom Cataldo, the company’s former general manager, to use the kitchen at Temple Beth Torah of Melville, Long Island, to prepare for both Jewish and non-Jewish clients. According to both men, who leveled a lawsuit against Morrell this past Tuesday, the caterer refused to secure another facility to service his non-Jewish clients due to a lack of finances. The result was that kosher silverware and facilities were also employed to serve shrimp

H&H Bagels, a long-time fixture of New York life, has apparently gone out of business permanently.Bagel lovers everywhere have new reason to grieve – the iconic Manhattan-based H&H Bagels has gone out of business for good. This past week, city marshals locked the business’ West 46th Street branch – which was primarily a plant for manufacturing bagels to be shipped worldwide, along with a small retail store – as part of a legal possession.

This latest development seemed to put an end to H&H, which has experienced sharply declining finances in recent years, resulting in multiple bankruptcies

I originally found this whole wheat banana bread recipe on the King Arthur website, I kept experimenting and trying to make it taste good while making it low fat and sugar free. When I tried using Earth Balance instead of butter, it really was still not low fat, and it had a bitter after-taste. I decided to try applesauce instead of the butter and it added a nice sweetness to the recipe while still keeping the banana bread moist. I also substituted brown rice syrup for the

In a great event in Great Neck, endorsed by 12 local synagogues, OU Kosher will present its two poskim (halachic decisors) — Rav Hershel Schachter and Rav Yisroel Belsky — as they bring their lifetime of Talmudic wisdom to the community in a wide-ranging presentation that will include an “ASK the OU Poskim” session. The ASK OU OUTREACH program, sponsored by the Harry H. Beren Foundation of Lakewood New Jersey, is open to the entire community, with free admission.

The program will be held on

A cheese factoryKosher manufacturers often sub-contract various phases of their production to specialty plants. In many cases, production may be completed in one facility while the packaging, for example, would be carried out by a company that specializes in packaging
For the Haolam and Miller’s brands, they just happened to have their cheese in the wrong place. Last week, Alpine Slicing and Cheese Conversion, which was contracted to shred and package the kosher cheese, confirmed that some products processed on