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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Jewish Thought

The Kosher for Passover products that have been arriving over the last few weeks by the truckloads are finally being placed on shelves as the Passover season is officially underway.

Passover begins on the eve of Friday April 6th and ends on the evening of Saturday April 14th. In a survey of nearly a dozen retailers and distributors, KosherToday found that the market faces several new and not so new challenges this holiday season. One retailer said that he was “literally bombarded with many new products with promises that the items would spell profits, but in the end I simply couldn’t add shelf space and opted to play it safe with the traditional items.” He was already making room for a growing demand for the hand-made Shmurah Matzoh which

Passover Carrot CakeCourtesy of Alessandra Rovati and

The following recipes, which include items for th e seder, the main course, and even dessert, are sure to delight everyone at your Passover table. They come to us courtesy of our friends at Enjoy!

Italian Charoset  (Pareve)
“There are many different versions of Charoset in Italy,” says Alessandra. “This is the one I like to make, originally from Padova (near Venice).”
1 pound apple slices, peeled
3/4 pound boiled

Close both in proximity and culture, Canadian and American businesses have long enjoyed excellent trade relationships.  Looking to build on this history, OU Kosher, a New York based not-for-profit, is helping Canadian businesses increase exports to the U.S. at the same time as it cooperates with local Canadian non-profits.

OU Kosher is a division of the Orthodox Union, an educational and social service agency based in New York.  Its charitable and social service programs have been felt all over

The holiday of Passover brings with it many stringencies in the area of kashrut. OU Kosher is preparing new online resources to make observance of Passover easier and less stressful for the average Jew.Passover is the most complex holiday on the Jewish calendar, with rules and customs – not to mention preparation – that require expertise challenging even the most knowledgeable families. However, where to turn to for help in resolving Passover-related matters is easy. It’s OU Kosher’s special website,, up and running for the seventh year.

The website also highlights articles on kashering for Passover; healthy recipes; purging of utensils; and hints for Passover cleaning.

Competitive eating champ Takeru Kobayashi, with a group of YU students, enjoys a giant hamantasch, prepared in honor of the upcoming holiday of Purim.Takeru Kobayashi, world-renowned competitive eating champion, shared tips, tricks and stories from his professional career with Yeshiva University students on the Wilf Campus on February 23.

At an event organized by YU’s Stern College for Women Chemistry Club, Kobayashi discussed training techniques and health concerns involved in the competitive eating process. He also emphasized the importance of mindful eating. “I’m a competitive eater but also a foodie,” said Kobayashi. “I enjoy food more