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Saturday, August 19, 2017

Jewish Thought

Manischewitz Co-CEO Alain Bankier Samples Crispy Chicken and Cherries Recipe presented by Jennifer Daskevich of Los Angeles, Calif. at 6th annual Cook-off.Kosher Cook-Off Captivates Considerable Crowd

What happens when you take an old and historic kosher food company whose products are a household name, and combine it with cutting edge technology, a new product line, and young, motivated, forward-thinking new chief executives? You get the new Manischewitz, now being led by dynamic business partners Paul Bensabat and Alan Bankier.

Manischewitz was founded in 1888 by Rabbi Dov Ber Manischewitz in Cincinnati, Ohio. It was there that he opened a small bakery to make matzos for his friends and family for Passover. The company grew over the years and soon became one of the largest manufacturers of Passover matzo in the world and of kosher food products both for Passover and year round usage. In 1990

Gourmet Glatt features spacious, well-stocked aisles, and ten banks of cash registers to serve the store’s large (and growing) customer base quickly, and efficiently.13th Avenue, once known as the premier shopping destination for the Brooklyn Jewish community, is now known for its midday traffic and afternoon lines at every bank on every corner. But in the midst of a slow and uncertain economic recovery, the news of a new supermarket opening its doors to serve the Jewish community—creating more than one hundred new jobs in the process—was received with great fanfare.

Gourmet Glatt, located at the former location of Friedman’s Supermarket on the corner of 13th

The Kosher for Passover products that have been arriving over the last few weeks by the truckloads are finally being placed on shelves as the Passover season is officially underway.

Passover begins on the eve of Friday April 6th and ends on the evening of Saturday April 14th. In a survey of nearly a dozen retailers and distributors, KosherToday found that the market faces several new and not so new challenges this holiday season. One retailer said that he was “literally bombarded with many new

According to recent reports, the Strawberry Frappuccino at Starbucks is not as innocent a drink as its pink hue seems to indicate.

In fact, that very coloration derives from the usage of a cochineal extract—a dye produced through the crushing of the bodies of dried cochineal bugs.
A barista writing on apparently tipped off customers to this latest ingredient discovery.

“My guess would be that the recipe changed about three or four weeks ago, when our strawberry sauce got

Passover Carrot CakeCourtesy of Alessandra Rovati and

The following recipes, which include items for th e seder, the main course, and even dessert, are sure to delight everyone at your Passover table. They come to us courtesy of our friends at Enjoy!

Italian Charoset  (Pareve)
“There are many different versions of Charoset in Italy,” says Alessandra. “This is the one I like to make, originally from Padova (near Venice).”
1 pound apple slices, peeled
3/4 pound boiled