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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Jewish Thought

The Place for Kosher Barbecue

One of the good things about being a Kosher-observing Jew in the tri-state area is the sheer number of dining options available. There are places that are elegant and expensive, and others that are simple but affordable. However, there are not many that are a happy medium between the two. There also is not much variety in the way of Glatt Kosher BBQ. Smokey Joe’s offers both.

Located in Teaneck, New Jersey, Smokey Joe’s BBQ markets itself as the first authentic, wood-fired, slow-cooked, pit smoked Glatt Kosher barbecue restaurant in the United States. The restaurant has a comfortable ambiance, great for families or a casual date. Decorated in wood and orange colors reminiscent of the styles of Southern Texas and

The dining area upstairs, lavishly appointed, and featuring a bar with over 300 bottles of wine. The art up here takes some pretty controversial themes – our favorite was a parody of The Last Supper, updated for the 21st century. In Jezebel’s version, the role of Jesus will be played by Woody Allen. (Photo credit: Chana Blumes)Having only opened its doors a few weeks ago, a new addition to SoHo’s nightlife/culinary scene has already made quite a splash. With its chic décor, first-rate cocktail selection, and world-class cuisine, this comes as no surprise.

What is surprising, and comes as music to our ears, is that the food and drink are strictly kosher. But the one-of-a-kind experience that is an evening at Jezebel, begins well before you take your first bite.

Jezebel, you see, is almost as much an art gallery as it is a

Retailer Opens First Kosher Grill in Monsey

After more than a year in planning, 7-Eleven, Inc. has opened its first kosher grill at a 7-Eleven store in the small New York hamlet of Monsey. Franchised by Anthony Mendicino and his brother Michael, the Monsey store is located in the midst of a thriving Orthodox Jewish community with relatively few kosher restaurants or prepared-food options.

The store held a Customer Appreciation Day Sunday, Aug. 5, with free samples of the three new grill

Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield revel in the luxurious taste of their own ice cream at a public event.For those of us who love indulging in mass-marketed premium ice cream – especially as an antidote to sweltering summer days – it may come as a surprise to learn that this popular treat was primarily a Jewish invention, which took off forty years ago.

While 2009 saw the launch of Chozen, a premium ice cream with such Jewish holiday-oriented flavors as matzo crunch, apples and honey, and chocolate gelt, Mitch Berliner – an ice cream purveyor for the past 35 years – says that Jews have always been

The word minestrone derives from the Latin verb ministrare, which means ‘to administer’.

Maybe because, as any Italian mother can witness, it is the most efficient way to administer lots of healthy vegetables to picky children, with few complaints!

In many households, minestrone is made at least weekly and (thanks to the fact that it tastes even better when reheated), served several times as a primo piatto (first course) with both dairy and meat meals. I usually serve it plain on the first day