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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Saturday, September 23, 2017

Jewish Thought

I originally found this whole wheat banana bread recipe on the King Arthur website, I kept experimenting and trying to make it taste good while making it low fat and sugar free. When I tried using Earth Balance instead of butter, it really was still not low fat, and it had a bitter after-taste. I decided to try applesauce instead of the butter and it added a nice sweetness to the recipe while still keeping the banana bread moist. I also substituted brown rice syrup for the brown sugar and it was slightly less sweet but delicious.  I doubled the amounts, and baked this delicious healthy breakfast bread into mini paper loafs and sent it over to my married kids so that they keep coming back for more
If you use brown rice

A cheese factoryKosher manufacturers often sub-contract various phases of their production to specialty plants. In many cases, production may be completed in one facility while the packaging, for example, would be carried out by a company that specializes in packaging
For the Haolam and Miller’s brands, they just happened to have their cheese in the wrong place. Last week, Alpine Slicing and Cheese Conversion, which was contracted to shred and package the kosher cheese, confirmed that some products processed on

More than 6,000 Kosher Food Industry professionals attended the 23rd Annual Kosherfest Kosher food trade show at the Meadowlands Expo Center, Secaucus New Jersey on November 8-9.
Kosherfest is the largest gathering of manufacturers, distributors and buyers of kosher food in the world. In addition to the over 350 exhibitors of the various kosher foods, wines, spirits and kashrut-related products, the show included a two-day program of special events and industry seminars.
Exhibitors came from all