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Sandro Rosell
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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Jewish Thought

As summer winds down we are given the opportunity to take stock of what matters most. Are there daily choices we can make that would make a difference in our homes this year? Can we implement behaviors and attitudes that help our family grow stronger?

When a family feels bonded, parents and children share life experiences on a different level. Difficult times are filled with moments of strength, connection and encouragement. Happy occasions become sweeter, brighter, and more joyous.

Here’s how to strengthen your family bond:

1. Loyalty

For families to thrive there needs to be a sense of security. We create a home that is a haven by allowing each child (and parent) to feel safe with one another. Together time should never evoke

Tishrei 26

In 1973, a cease-fire resolution was passed by the U.N. Security Council to halt the Yom Kippur War. Shuttle diplomacy by Henry Kissinger compelled Israel and Egypt to accept the cease-fire. Fighting, however, would continue for another four days. In the war, Israel suffered the loss of 2,600 soldiers and 800 tanks. Four years later, Egyptian leader Anwar Sadat would visit Jerusalem and announce his readiness to forge a permanent peace deal.

Tishrei 27

In 1927, the Israeli

"The Torah that Moshe commanded us is a heritage to the Congregation of Jacob"(33:4)

Simchas Torah is a day in which we celebrate the Torah. Why did Chazal see fit to designate a separate day for Simchas Torah? Would not Shavuos, the day we received the Torah, be a more appropriate time for this celebration?

The Talmud instructs a father that as soon as his child is able to speak, he should teach him. "Torah tzivah lanu Moshe morasha Kehilas Yaakov" - "The Torah that Moshe commanded us is a

A palpable electricity filled the air on Sunday evening, September 25th at the synagogue of the King David Center in the Bensonhurst section of Brooklyn as dozens of musmachim from around the globe gathered for the 8th Chag HaSmicha of the prestigious Kollel Ayshel Avraham. Unlike other rabbinical ordination ceremonies, the historic and truly unique nature of this Chag HaSmicha was truly tangible, as musmachim from Kollel Ayshel Avraham have committed themselves to serving in leadership

17th of Tishrei

In 1867, Blood Libel charges triggered anti-Jewish riots in Romania. Blood libels became a common feature in Europe during the Middle Ages: if a Christian baby was found dead, Jews would be charged with having kidnapped the baby and draining its blood. Accusers claimed that blood was the chief ingredient in matzah, and thus prior to every Passover Jews required a large supply. Ironically, Jewish law prohibits the consuming of blood (kosher meat is carefully washed and