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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Friday, June 23, 2017

Jewish Thought

Access to Jewish events are made easier by Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter

Usually, Chanukah means live parties, but when that’s not possible, online is the next best thing, encourages Devlin. “All the more so,” he says, noting how late in the month the holiday falls. “We’re stepping up our presence on social media.”

Now in their second school year on campus, he and his wife like the casual tone of Snapchat for messaging and use it to advertise events they post on Facebook. “We have a much bigger focus on Snapchat for increasing event attendance and sending inspirational daily messages,” says the rabbi.

They recently gave out burgers and cupcakes—comfort food to help students through finals. Most of the students who came

The Medrash Rabba at the beginning of Parshat Miketz, the parsha that is read on Shabbat Chanukah this year (and in most years), speaks about a Chanukah-appropriate theme — light and darkness:

“It was at the end of two years.” The verse (Iyov 28:3) states “An end was set for darkness,” [The Almighty] set a time limit on how many years the world will operate in darkness because as long as the evil inclination is in the world, darkness and the shadow of death are in the world as is stated (ibid)

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Rabbi Reisman

For the last twenty years, my mother attended a shul called the Agudath Israel of Long Island in Far Rockaway. It was there that she built a strong connection with this special kehilla and it's Rov, HaRav Yaakov Reisman, shlita.

During his hesped (eulogy) for my mother, Rabbi Reisman said that the Rebbetzin's inner strength was embodied by the posuk in Eishes Chayil. "Pia Poscha V'Chochma"- she opens her mouth in wisdom because Toras Chesed al

This Hanukkah choose to create your own miracles.

During Hanukkah we celebrate miracles. The miracle of a few inexperienced Maccabees defeating a huge, powerful army. The miracle of one small jar of pure oil lasting for eight days instead of one. The miracle of the survival of the Jewish people for thousands of years despite endless challenges and obstacles.

These miracles also represent a choice. A choice that Mattisyahu made when he announced, “We will fight!” A choice that the Jews made

I wanted to take this opportunity to share with you some stories about my mother that you may or may not know.

Two weeks before my mother, Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis was nifteres, I paid a shiva call to a friend that had just lost his mother. The house was filled to capacity with those who came to be Menachem Ovel. My friend motioned to me to come forward as he wanted to tell me something. In a quiet voice, he told me that one of his mother's last wishes was that he contact Rebbetzin