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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Saturday, May 27, 2017

Jewish Thought

Enjoy these delicious recipes for Thanksgiving and all year round!

If I could pick two things to remove from kosher kitchens, they would be margarine and non-dairy creamer. We would all be a lot healthier. Just read the ingredient label. Does it sound like food? The hard-to-pronounce ingredients are mainly sugar (in non-dairy creamer) and a concoction of chemicals added to partially-hydrogenated fat.

Fortunately there are tasty and healthy alternatives. Canola oil is good for baking. Olive oil is delicious in cooking and for salads. And soy, rice or almond "milk" work well for parve dishes and desserts.

Enjoy these delicious recipes for Thanksgiving and all year round!

Pumpkin Pie (Parve)

If canned pumpkin isn't available, use

If only the two candidates would have taken the great rabbi’s lesson to heart.

Never in all my years have I witnessed the kind of heated arguments, the frenzied and passionate debates, the feverish and frantic disputes as the ones which surround the question of for whom to cast one’s vote for president of the United States. According to reliable reports, it’s not just friendships of long-standing which today are being torn apart because of strongly held differences of opinion, even marriages are

Judaism, Shabbat and the feminine mystique

Is a pregnant woman one person or two? It's hard to be sure. True, the baby's heart beats beneath hers, but the pregnant woman continues to live her own life, think her own thoughts, and do her own thing. Baby flips and flops inside her, likes or dislikes the music she listens to and remains distinctly separate, even as his very being is nourished by her. Mother and baby remain two, even as they are one.

Then comes the next stage, where birth

Cheshvan 10

On this date in 2105 BCE (1656 from Creation), Noah and family entered the Ark. It wasn't until seven days later, however, that the intense rains began for 40 days and 40 nights. The delay was to allow a proper mourning period for Methuselah, the righteous grandfather of Noah who had just died at the age of 969 years, history's oldest human being. Noah and his family (and the animals) would remain on the Ark for over a year, until the flood waters had sufficiently subsided.

Cheshvan 3

In the year 1290, the last of the 16,000 Jews expelled by King Edward I left England. King Edward had banned usury and forced Jews over the age of seven to wear an identifying badge. Some Jews managed to remain in England by hiding their religious identity, but thousands were forced to leave. (Years earlier, King Henry III had forced Jews to pay half the value of their property in taxes, and ordered Jewish worship in synagogue to be held quietly so that Christians would not