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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Sunday, October 22, 2017


Borough officials in Deal, NJ have introduced beach badges and fees for the beach on the Southern part of Deal. This year is the first in which Monmouth Terrace beach, from Marine Place to Neptune Avenue, has been cleaned and opened as a public beach. Previously officials tried to limit access and litter by instating parking restrictions in the area. The parking constraints proved controversial and an alternate means was sought out.

This area was previously used for fishing and surfing. Deal only used to clean the beaches around Conover Pavilion and Deal Casino.  However, there was a problem with excessive littering in the Monmouth area and the commission sought ways to pay for the cleanup.  Deal made three attempts in the past two years

Asbury Park, a city in seaside New Jersey, is enjoying a rejuvenation after a prolonged period as, in the words the NY Times Friday, “a ghost town.” 

In its report, the Times noted that the city has recently become enlivened with attractions, including a gallery featuring vinyl records, rock n’ roll shirts, and photographs of celebrities like Bruce Springsteen, Johnny Cash, Stevie Knicks, and more, all of which will be on display through Sept. 15. Springsteen himself recently paid a visit to

President Donald Trump on Monday abruptly fired Anthony Scaramucci as his communications director, just over a week after the New York financier started work in the key White House post.

Trump ousted the 53-year-old Scaramucci at the request of new White House chief of staff John Kelly, officials told U.S. news outlets.

The White House officially announced that Scaramucci was leaving in order to give Kelly a "clean slate" to run day-to-day operations of the White House staff.

Scaramucci was

Vice President Mike Pence says diplomatic actions taken by Russian in response to fresh sanctions will not deter U.S. commitment to its security and that of its allies.

Speaking Tuesday during a visit to Georgia, Pence said the sanctions bill President Donald Trump will soon sign sends a "very clear message" that with Russia's activities in Ukraine and its support for Iran and Syria, its "posture has to change."

Congress overwhelmingly passed the sanctions bill punishing Russia for

President Donald Trump and key aides pressed lawmakers Sunday to not abandon an overhaul of the country's health care law in the face of the Senate's rejection last week of three measures to repeal or replace it.

"Don't give up Republican Senators, the World is watching: Repeal & Replace," Trump said in a Twitter comment.

Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell said it was "time to move on" to other issues after three Republican senators joined all 48 Democrats early Friday to defeat a