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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Monday, April 24, 2017

New York

The highly awaited Rockaway ferry is expected to launch service a whole month ahead of schedule, at 5:30 am on May 1, according to DNAInfo.

The route will connect from the new dock at Beach 108th Street to Brooklyn Army Terminal and then finally to Pier 11 at Wall Street.

This ferry is the first of the Citywide Ferry routes — now officially named NYC Ferry—to launch and the city’s second graders are eager to name the boats on the route, says Curbed NY.

The price of a ride on this brand new ferry will be a reduced flat rate of $2.75, but will not provide free transfers to MTA buses or subways, DNAInfo says.

The Rockaway ferry, which is designed differently since it will be handling more turbulent waters, docked at Liberty Landing in

Gordon Singer, son of hedge fund owner Paul Singer did what is every hedge fund employee’s worst nightmare-send confidential data to eyes that should not be in the know. Singer works out of the London office of his father’s activist hedge fund Elliott Management mistakenly sent what the Post referred to as a “friendly eyes” email to a rep from Dutch painting and specialty chemicals conglomerate AkzoNobel- a company that Elliot is targeting. 

Elliot Management had a covert plan in store to

Most of us wouldn’t mind earning a few extra dollars on the side to remain above the water financially, but NYS assemblyman Alec Brooks-Krasny now finds himself in a legal imbroglio that he never hoped for. The assemblyman, who represented Brighton Beach along with other neighborhoods in southern Brooklyn, allegedly resigned from his post in the middle of 2015 because according to him, he could not break the law as other legislators do. 

Krasny found himself going back on his vow of propriety

These days, the rise of Uber is not the only thing that taxi king Gene Friedman has on his mind. The owner of 800 taxi medallions in New York City will also be serving as his own counsel in a lawsuit that is pending in Manhattan Court. The suit will address charges that the King threatened to kill his former business partner’s entire family. 

Friedman appeared in Court last Tuesday wearing skinny jeans, green dress shoes, and a windowpane blazer according to the Post. Friedman does have some

Zahied Mohammed signed on for more than he bargained for when he began working for Daisy Soros, the sister in law of George Soros. His former employer purportedly had her former black and gay butler sleeping on her floor while the billionaire shouted homophobic comments at him. Soros responded to her former butler's protests by saying that she had “money and I can treat people however I want” according to court documents. 

Mohammed began working for Soros, who had been married to the late Paul