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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Monday, March 27, 2017

New York

According to the New York Post, the national discount retailer, Target, is preparing to take on Manhattan once again. The retailer will lease 43,000 square feet in anticipation of opening a new store in October. The new location will be on 112 W. 34th street. The new store will be located across the street from the iconic Macy’s store that served as the backdrop for the film Miracle on 34th street.

The Target store will be a small part of a larger 92,000 square-foot retail complex that will include a Sephora, a Foot Locker and a Swatch store.

The grand opening of the new store will feature Target fashions and grab and go food.

According to Target’s senior vice president Mark Schindele, it is the retailers hope that the prime location

According to the New York Times, New York City’s rural residents are set to become the beneficiaries of an initiative that requires that all New York households, regardless of how remote or rural their location, receive mandatory broadband by the year 2018.

The state wide initiative is part of an effort to generate new business opportunities in under populated rural enclaves in the city that currently suffer from inexistent or low internet speeds as a result of their remote locations. The

It’s an age old story, much like the song that doesn’t end that we all remember from elementary school that has settled into our subconscious and is revived every couple of years, the MTA is set to hike of the subway fare this coming Sunday. Predictably, straphangers are dismayed by the latest round of fare increases, particularly because service never seems to keep up with new pricing. New Yorkers complain that the daily inconveniences that disrupt their commute seem to persist in spite no

NY Assemblyman demands Brooklyn Public Library pull lecture series by Hezbollah-supporting activist Norman Finkelstein

New York State Assemblyman and intrepid Jewish activist Dov Hikind (D - Brooklyn) reacted angrily to the news that the Brooklyn Public Library would host a lecture by anti-Israel activist and Hezbollah supporter Norman Finkelstein.

Finkelstein's “No Free Speech for Fascists” lecture series at the library may be funded by the municipality.

“It’s no secret that Norman

Last Motzai Shabbos / Purim night, hundreds of New Yorkers gathered at B’nai Jeshurun for a special Israeli-American Council (IAC) Shishi Israeli program, which brings together Israeli-American and Jewish-American families of all ages and backgrounds to celebrate their shared culture and heritage.

The popular program was celebrated from coast-to-coast over the weekend, with four IAC regions— Nevada, Arizona, Florida and New York—hosting Shishi on the same weekend, building a Jewish communal