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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Wednesday, October 18, 2017

New York

The City Council is considering a major bailout of the yellow-cab industry, possibly imposing restrictions and surcharges on rivals such as Uber and Lyft. At a council Transportation Committee hearing last week, Several dozen beleaguered taxi-medallion owners attended with complaints that the value of their businesses has fallen up to 90 percent, due to completion from the ride-sharing apps. As reported by the NY Post, the yellow cab owners contend that the city should never have permitted Uber, Lyft and others to operate without the same fees and regulations to which taxis are subject. Now the presence of nearly 70,000 ride-share vehicles is killing the ability of traditional taxi companies to make a living. 

The committee said it would

On Thursday September 28th at a board meeting, the Port Authority of NY and NJ announced that it is considering a plan to replace its aging Midtown Manhattan bus terminal by building a new facility that would be developed with a top-down approach within the footprint of the current transit hub.  "The build-in-place option is potentially viable from a construction and operation perspective," said Port Authority Executive Steven Plate. "It is feasible and warrants consideration." 

The plan

On Tuesday, September 26, city council candidate Yoni Hikind, who has faced criticism for lacking formal governmental experience, introduced a proposal that blames the congestion and parking problems plaguing Brooklyn residents in the 44th District on alternate side of the street parking regulations.

In the 1950s, the Department of Sanitation originally introduced the policy requiring drivers to move their parked vehicles on designated days during specific time frames in order to give the

New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo called on the City to help fill a lack of federal funding to NYC Health & Hospitals (NYCHH) last week.

Last Friday, the nation’s largest health care provider was unexpectedly informed of a delay of about $380 million in unpaid Medicaid disproportionate-share payments (DSH), due to an “awaiting action” label from New York’s State Department of Health and the Division of Budget.

The payments were due on Sept. 30, the deadline for this fiscal year, but

Belmont Park may be fated to become one of the last all-new sports arenas for decades. As such, two of the richest teams in New York are going for it head to head. The New York Islanders and New York City Football Club each want to build on the site of Belmont racetrack and have submitted proposals, as reported by Bloomberg News.

In July, State officials invited proposals, due last Thursday, for developing the site, saying their aim was in part to transform the site into an entertainment