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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Monday, March 27, 2017

New York

Taking concrete measures to ensure one’s own personal safety has always been a top tier priority those residing within New York City’s five boroughs. From the installation of state of the art home alarm systems to carrying mace or pepper spray in their knap sacks, New Yorkers have always taken precautions in a city where violent crime is always a hair’s breath away.

For those living in run down and disadvantaged neighborhoods of the Big Apple; where drugs, crime and violence have reigned supreme for way too long, it appears that the only option residents see as viable for their own protection on the ‘mean streets” of the city is to keep a pit bull dog within reach at all times.

Pit bulls, however, have dominated the headlines as of

The newly established ‘1901 Fitness’ at the Sephardic Community Center will be staging the 26th Annual Bench Press Contest on Monday, April 3, 2017.

For many decades, the bench press has been recognized as the best demonstration of testing one’s strength. And now, with the popularity of the annual NFL Combine, where the best college football players are tested before the annual NFL draft, the bench press has been popularized even beyond the gym scene.

Held annually during spring since the

On Saturday, March 4, a man from Long Island was ordered to be held without bail after being accused by federal authorities of traveling to the Middle East twice in the last few years to try and join ISIS and its efforts to “wage violent jihad.” Then during a brief hearing Monday afternoon in Central Islip federal court the man was  ordered by a federal magistrate to be detained permanently after new court papers allege he threatened to attack federal agents, behead his mother, and tried to use

Headstones toppled at a historic cemetery that serves the Jewish community in Brooklyn, New York, were determined to be due to neglect, not vandalism.

The fallen headstones at the Washington Cemetery was discovered on Saturday night, according to reports. At first vandalism was suspected.

New York Assemblyman Dov Hikind tweeted photos of some of the downed headstones on Saturday night. He said he was alerted to the toppled headstones by the Boro Park Shomrim organization, a Jewish security

This is most lucrative time in history to be a lobbyist in City Hall. As per the NY Daily News, the total pay for lobbyist has been rising consistently for the past three years. City data has revealed that last year, total compensation for lobbyists was $95.4 million, well above the $86 million in 2015, and distinctly ahead of the $62 million that lobbyists earned in 2013, during the last year of Bloomberg’s administration.

Mayor de Blasio's longtime chum James Capalino is at the top of the