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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Saturday, June 24, 2017

New York

New York Post opines that President Donald Trump will keep his campaign promise to move the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem

The New York Post wrote on Sunday that President Donald Trump would keep his campaign promise to move the U.S. embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, despite last week signing a waiver delaying the move.

“President Trump has just gotten another lesson in the perils of overpromising during a campaign, disappointing supporters of Israel by declining to move the U.S. embassy there to Jerusalem,” the newspaper's editorial said.

“What made the decision problematic was that Trump had vowed repeatedly to make the move 'fairly quickly' — even assuring an Israeli reporter the night before his inauguration: 'I am

NYPD cops are fuming after Sgt. Hugh Barry, 31, was charged on Wednesday with murder for the October killing of 66-year-old Deborah Danner. The Bronx schizophrenic woman threatened the responding officers, first with scissors, and then a bat. The sergeant admitted to shooting her in her Castle Hill apartment. The morning after the shooting, Police Commissioner James O’Neill declared, “We failed” in regards to the incident. This is the department’s first on-duty officer to be indicted for murder

Four years after construction began, it is now possible to drive across the entire length of the newly built Tappan Zee Bridge on the west-bound side. The twin span cable-stayed Bridge will span 3.1 miles in length over NY’s Hudson River, connecting Westchester and Rockland Counties. The New York State Thruway Authority, the owner of the bridge, expects to open the four west bound lanes on the new 96-foot-wide bridge early in the Fall.  As reported by the NY Times, there are still finishing

A “vasectomy” is a surgery performed on men whereby the tubes leading from the testicles to the penis are severed, preventing any semen from being released when a man ejaculates.  The surgery is apparently becoming very popular among single men (and married men looking to have affairs) in the Hamptons who desire a permanent method of getting any women pregnant during sex.  Many are saying it’s necessary as they are evidently being “targeted” by women looking to entrap them by getting themselves

A New York state appeals court is holding a woman responsible for trashing her ex-husband. Janice Schacter has been very vocal about her husband’s liason’s with a Playboy playmate. In response to Ms. Schacter’s allegations and alleging that her reports have damaged her ex-husband’s business, the New York appeals Court has slashed Ms. Schacter’s $855,000 divorce payout. 

The divorce case has been an ongoing battle. In 2014, lower court judge Laura Drager already decreased the award from the