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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Thursday, August 24, 2017

New York

Reinhold Wurth, a German businessman and art collector, left New York tourists irate last week when his mega yacht blocked their view of the Statue of Liberty.

According to an August 1 NY Post report, Wurth’s 265-foot “Vibrant Curiosity” mega yacht positioned itself in front of the Statue of Liberty, dashing any hopes the tourists might have had for a decent photo op. Known as “the Screw King” for the tiny wholesale screw business he inherited from his father at 19 and hugely expanded, Wurth has the distinction of being the world’s 130th richest man.

Last week’s incident is not the first time Wurth has provoked controversy. In 2009, the businessman paid $100 million for the megayacht, immediately after cutting the wages of 1,250

Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) Chairman Joseph Lhota expressed chagrin this past Wednesday after Mayor Bill de Blasio stopped an R train for a photo op and conversation with commuters.

“No one has the right to hold a train, at all, plain and simple," Lhota said Wednesday, according to a Crain’s report. "I'm going to need to investigate what I read in the paper this morning, because it's unacceptable. No one should stop the train for any single individual to get on. This is the people's

On Friday, July 28, during a speech in Suffolk County, President Donald Trump made comments that seemed to condone police violence. He told the police in the audience to not worry about being “too nice” to suspects they arrest or injuring them while placing them into cop cars. 

These remarks have caused much push back by police across the country and especially from local New York residents. Queens resident Lourdes Diaz Dennis told WNYC that the President’s comments were irresponsible and

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo took aim at President Donald Trump last Thursday for the latter’s failure to deliver a $1 trillion infrastructure package, and his controversial announcement that the U.S. military will no longer accept transgender servicemembers in its ranks. The attack was noteworthy as the most direct Cuomo, a Democrat, has made against Trump, referring to the President specifically by name.

Speaking at a meeting of civic and business leaders, Cuomo said that in his view

Mr. Eric Gonzalez has been Acting District Attorney in Kings County since the passing of District Attorney Kenneth P. Thompson, in October 2016. Gonzalez is one of seven Democratic hopefuls for the next four year term as Kings County district attorney. There are seven weeks left before the September primary. 

As reported by VIN News, Gonzalez spoke about the similarities between the diverse communities in Brooklyn. “The number one thing that every community wants is safety and to make sure