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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Friday, June 23, 2017


After terror attacks, we often hear from Western media and politicians that we must accept terrorist attacks as the "new normal."

For Western citizens, this phrase is dangerous.

Islam's doctrine of jihad, expansion and dawah (Islamic outreach, proselytizing) rely heavily on the use of both terror and luring. Targhib wal tarhib is an Islamic doctrine that means "seducing (luring) and terrorizing" as a tool for dawah, to conquer nations and force citizens to submit to Islamic law, sharia. It amounts to manipulating the instinctive parts of the human brain with extreme opposing pressures of pleasure and pain — rewarding, then severely punishing — to brainwash people into complying with Islam.

Most ordinary Muslims are not even aware of

What caused the UN Secretary General and Norway to call out depraved Palestinian behavior?

It has become routine for Palestinians to name public places, including streets, schools, parks and public squares after hard core terrorists convicted of the most heinous offenses. Over the years, Israel has vigorously protested these outrages to the European Union, the United Nations, and the United States. The latter, particularly under the Obama administration, offered faux sympathy and little else

The Arabs smiled and fawned over him, but they were not pleased with Trump

Much has been written about President Donald Trump's visit to Saudi Arabia, the Palestinian Authority and Israel, but all of it from the points of view of Israeli and American pundits. This article, in contrast, will center on the Arab - and particularly, the Palestinian Arab - views on his visit.

Two main points in Trump's words upset a large number of Arab spokespeople. The first was said on his Riyadh stop, to tens

What really powers the media’s fake news scandal machine

Fake news is profitable.

The New York Times hit piece on the Comey memo earned the paper its most concurrent readers per second. Pretty good for a piece about a piece of paper that the leftist paper had never even seen and which was, supposedly, described to it by one of Comey’s associates. But that didn’t stop it from racking up over 6 million views.

Media fake news isn’t just an agenda. It’s enormously profitable. Hit pieces powered

In US academic tradition, university administrators choose commencement speakers they believe embody the zeitgeist of their institutions and as such, will be able to inspire graduating students to take that spirit with them into the world outside.

In this context, it makes perfect sense that Ayman El-Mohandes, dean of the Graduate School of Public Health and Health Policy at City University of New York (CUNY), invited Linda Sarsour to serve as commencement speaker at his faculty’s graduation