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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Tuesday, September 26, 2017


On Friday, the U.N. organization, UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) doubled-down its hatred of the Israel and the Jewish people by denying their biblical connection to the old City of Hebron. Hebron is home the Tomb of the Patriarchs, purchased nearly four millennia ago by Abraham, as a burial place for his wife Sarah. Twelve countries voted in favor of the Palestinian request to name Hebron a Palestinian heritage site, while only three voted against it. Six countries abstained.

This resolution, like last year’s UNESCO action regarding Jerusalem and the Temple Mount has only one purpose to delegitimize Israel by denying the Jewish connection to the Holy Land. At its heart, this resolution is not

It is gratifying to know that some individuals, scholars, and artists can keep their heads while all about them are losing theirs.  On June 14, 2017, members of the Modern Language Association voted by 1,954 to 885 to refrain from endorsing the boycott of Israeli universities.  A year earlier, the American Anthropological Association, though by a small majority, similarly voted down a resolution to boycott Israeli academic institutions.

Now, Debora Spar, president of the Lincoln Center for

According to a recent study conducted by the “Brand Israel Group,” support for Israel among Jewish college students has dropped 27% in the last 6 years. This mirrors a smaller but still significant drop in support among Americans generally, from 76% to 62%. According to Fern Oppenheim, the founder of the Brand Israel Group that conducted the survey, the source of this drop is the perceived lack of shared values between college students and the Jewish state. The same study found that 1 in 3

American and South Korean officials have said for over a year that North Korea would be able, within a very short time, to miniaturize a nuclear device, mount it on an intercontinental ballistic missile and hit the continental United States. The country's test launch last Tuesday didn't conclusively demonstrate that Pyongyang has reached this point, but Alaska and Hawaii might already be within range — and US forces in South Korea and Japan certainly are.

This isn't the first time the North

Conspiracy theories, anonymous sources and big lies

In April, media types were crowing that CNN had brought in Eric Lichtblau who had been, in the Washington Post’s words, at “the forefront of the New York Times’s reporting on the relationship between the Trump presidential campaign and Russia.” It was “an investment in investigative reporting and the sprawling Russia story”. It didn’t take long for the investigative investment to sprawl badly.

Lichtblau has resigned from CNN in a growing