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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Tuesday, May 23, 2017


An unprecedented opportunity for the U.S.-Israel relationship is on the horizon

Less than a week after he was inaugurated into office, President Donald Trump announced that he had repaired the US’s fractured ties with Israel. “It got repaired as soon as I took the oath of office,” he said.

Not only does Israel now enjoy warm relations with the White House. When Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu arrives in the US capital next week, he will be greeted by the most supportive political climate Israel has ever seen in Washington.

It is true that dangers to Israel’s ties with America lurk in the background. The radical Left is taking control of the Democratic Party.

But the forces now hijacking the party on a whole host of issues have yet

How a document long on anti-Israel lies can still be put to good use

The United States, even as it seeks to counter UN Security Council Resolution 2334's flouting of international law and undermining of chances for Arab-Israeli peace, may yet be able to turn elements of the resolution to something positive.

The resolution, choreographed by the Obama Administration and passed with Obama’s abstention, is a relatively short document long on anti-Israel hypocrisy and lies. The most significant

President Trump’s recent statement that settlements might not be "helpful" for peace shows that he may be falling for the same misconceptions that have governed American policy on both sides of the aisle toward Israel for decades. From Condoleezza Rice on the right, to Obama on the left, there has been a remarkable sharing of misguided assumptions when it comes to Israel.

These assumptions can be summed up as:

1) Creation of two states out of Israel and the West Bank — one Palestinian and the

Adam Ghahramani, a digital product and marketing director in New York, is an Iranian-American who penned his concerns on VentureBeat, that President Trump will prevent all Muslims from seeking asylum in these United States. He maintains that Iranians have the talent and potential to become successful, productive, good citizens, and he joined mainstream media, sundry entertainers and city officials in expressing his unfounded fears of this new administration.

An asylum of sorts may indeed be

To say the implementation of President Donald Trump’s travel ban was clumsy would be an understatement. To say, however, that the principles involved were totally without constitutional justification would be unwarranted.

Since Trump’s inauguration, nothing has dominated the political conversation as much as hatred punctuated by hysteria. The aspiration toward civility that once served as a norm for political discourse in this country has been consumed in conflagration, riots, mass