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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Thursday, March 30, 2017


A fitting conclusion to a disastrous tenure as Secretary of State

On December 28th, outgoing Secretary of State John Kerry delivered a rambling truth-challenged defense of the Obama administration’s scandalous decision allowing the United Nations Security Council to pass its most egregious anti-Israel resolution yet. Security Council Resolution 2334, which was adopted last Friday, denounced Israel’s settlements activities as illegal and destructive to the prospects of a two-state solution.

Kerry concluded his 73 minute speech by outlining six principles to guide direct negotiations of a final status agreement on all outstanding issues, giving some indication that the Obama administration does not intend to use the Security Council to

In the waning days of the current US Administration, President Obama’s vindictive demeanor is on full display as he raises the sword from his scabbard in one last ditch act of pettiness towards his international adversaries. Obama’s parting shot to cut down the two men who successfully stood up to the President are now facing a UN Resolution in the case of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and a Presidential Executive Order critical of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Obama became

A new era that presents Israel with Unprecedented Opportunities

(Continued from last week)

The Foreign Ministry announced this week that the government was boycotting a delegation of visiting European lawmakers because Kristina Winberg, a member of Sweden’s rightist Swedish Democrats party, was among its members.

In recent weeks, the Foreign Ministry has managed to boycott Sweden’s entire political spectrum. Last week, the ministry announced that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had

Each year the United States gives approximately $8 billion in mandatory payments and voluntary contributions to the United Nations and its affiliated organizations. The biggest portion of this money – about $3 billion this year – goes to the U.N.’s regular and peacekeeping budgets.

If that seems like a lot, it is—far more than anyone else pays And it’s also, in some cases, bad value for money.

The U.N. system for calculating member nations’ “fair share” payment toward its regular and

What the UN resolution really says is: "We will not stop anti-Semites. We will not help the Jews, Stab, shoot, car-ram and blow them up at will." Europe will get it back in spades

Although Egypt was ultimately persuaded to abandon it, the Obama administration refused to veto the UN’s punitive pro-Palestinian resolution against Israel. Here is Obama unleashed, displaying his loyalty to the Muslim world and his contempt, hostility, even hatred for the Jewish state.

This resolution represents a Muslim