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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Tuesday, May 23, 2017


The issue of how to deal with the threat of Iran manufacturing a nuclear bomb is a matter affecting Israel’s very existence and, therefore, a first priority for the leaders of the Jewish state. In deciding Israel’s approach to this issue, and in particular, whether Israel has the military capability to eliminate the Iranian program and should do so, Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu must not ignore the opposition and arguments of those who have held high positions in the Israeli government before him as well as during his prime ministership. 

While both Prime Minister Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak have made clear in their judgment Israel is still capable of destroying Iran’s nuclear bomb facilities and putting them out of commission

Former Israeli Prime Minister and current trouble maker Ehud Olmert
We have recently been subjected to a variety of prominent Israelis publicly besmirching their country in order to promote their personal agendas or compensate for their frustrations. However, we fail to appreciate the extent to which these ravings damage our global standing and embolden those seeking Israel’s destruction.

The most recent outbursts on display at the Jerusalem Post Conference in New York in which I participated, received massive global media coverage and were attended by over 1200

Since the first wave of uprisings in Syria, and with the increasingly violent crackdown strategy of President Bashar al-Assad, Turkey has significantly shifted its position toward the Baathist regime.

Until recently, it was Ankara’s belief that Assad could be charmed by soft power and economic opportunities, and possibly, by giving Syria an opportunity to get closer to the West, via Turkey, particularly when Turkey was distancing itself from Israel. Thus, in 2009, Ankara strived to forge a

South Sudan President Salva Kiir. (PHOTO CREDIT: STEIN OVE KORNELIUSSEN)The great Jewish historian, Salo W. Baron, famously criticized the “lachrymose” conception of Jewish history, by which he meant the reduction of the Jewish experience to a series of gory persecutions. This view of the Jewish past often colors our sense of the Jewish present, with the result that we see ourselves as having few friends, or even none at all, in a hostile world which resents the re-establishment of Jewish sovereignty after centuries when Jews were at the mercy of others.


Dennis Ross.The nearly 20-year-old peace process between Israel and the Arabs has become a self-sustaining industry, producing lucrative incomes and prestigious accolades for people who have accomplished exactly nothing in terms of solving the conflict. Still packing halls around the world, former envoy Dennis Ross represents not the triumph of diplomacy, but its abject failure.

Appearing considerably greyer than when he began negotiating the Oslo peace process for the Clinton Administration 18 years ago