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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Sunday, June 25, 2017


The rise to power of Islamists in Egypt skewers myths about peace.

As Egyptian voters recently went to the polls in what was their first-ever opportunity to choose a president in a free election, one element was missing from most of the media coverage. There was no gloss of optimism about the way embracing freedom could transform the country or the region.

The reason is obvious. More than a year after the “Arab Spring” protests brought down the regime of Hosni Mubarak as well as dictators in Tunisia and Libya, it’s clear that the collapse of authoritarian regimes is not to be followed by a golden age of democracy. That is especially true in Egypt where election results are leading not to greater freedom but to the rise of the Muslim

Asked whom they would vote for were the election held today, 61 percent answered Obama, 28 percent Romney, and the rest were undecided. Clearly, Jews are far more pro-Obama than the general population, among whom the two candidates are running neck-and-neck.The question returns every presidential election year: is the Jewish vote up for grabs?

For longer than anyone can remember most American Jews have supported Democratic candidates, and quadrennial Republican hopes to break the trend have remained unfulfilled. The best the Republicans have done in the postwar era was in 1980, when Ronald Reagan captured 39 percent of the Jewish vote. Despite all the talk about his relations with Reverend Wright and his alleged coolness toward Israel, Barack

The crime of sexually abusing a child, including adolescents and teens, is so heinous that the public is immediately shocked and angered. For a number of years, we have read of illicit acts involving Catholic clergy with adolescents and seminarians taking place in a number of countries, including the U.S. The New York Times, to its credit, has been relentless in keeping this situation under examination by its reporters over the years with front page stories devoted to exposing the abuses.


Fewer (much fewer) than 1% of the Arab prisoners hunger-striking in Israeli prisons are administrative detainees. Almost all were charged, tried and convicted for the most serious offences you can think of.

The media are filled with reports about a protest strike by Palestinian Arab prisoners and their friends. What’s it about?

Two terms keep coming up in almost every report: the strikers are “unjustly imprisoned” and it’s a “battle for freedom and dignity.” But this is not about justice or

Would Delmon Young rise from the dugout to congratulate Hank Greenberg? I don’t think so. Delmon Young is no Jackie Robinson.
Slurs against Jews and blacks - the source is the same kind of bigotry, but the results are vastly different. And how about anti-Semitic African-Americans?

There’s a clip somewhere showing Hank Greenberg rounding the bases after a homerun and how upon reaching the dugout, none of his Detroit Tigers teammates offered so much as a smile or a handshake.
They ignored him. Well, he was Jewish. There’s evidence that he suffered for that as much as Jackie Robinson suffered for being black.

Two great