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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Sunday, September 24, 2017


DNC Parliamentarian Helen T. McFadden instructed Villaraigosa, “You’ve got to rule and then you’ve got to let them do what they’re going to do.” Right before he begins to speak, she repeats her order: “Rule!”Last week saw a dispute over Jerusalem at the Democratic National Convention that, in the context of similar incidents, provides an important insight into the party’s covert distancing itself from Israel.

The story broke on Sept. 4, when the Washington Free Beacon reported that “Jerusalem is unmentioned” in the 2012 Democratic Party platform. This made news because, since it became U.S. law in 1995 that “Jerusalem should be recognized as the capital of the State of Israel,” every platform of both major U.S. parties has reiterated this point. The Republican platform this year, for example, refers to “Israel with Jerusalem as its capital.”

Responses to the Democrats’ silence came swiftly: Jennifer Rubin in the Washington Post called it “the most radically

[The author of the article below is an adjunct professor of history at Touro College, and a regularly featured op-ed columnist at Israel’s Arutz Sheva. Mr. Domnitch is the author of two books, and is currently completing a third, about World War I and the Jews. In the following satirical piece, he brings us a “special Rosh Hashanah message” from the White House. Only, instead of giving President Obama’s talking points on Israel, this message reflects the current administration’s actual Mid-East

I am writing this column with great reluctance. In a rational world, the accidental death of Rachel Corrie, the pro-Hamas activist who was crushed by a bulldozer in Gaza almost 10 years ago, would no longer have a place in the news cycle. Sadly, we do not live in a rational world, and therefore Corrie’s fate—along with her insidious group of allies that mushroomed following her death—continues to plague us.

Here’s what we know: After much careful deliberation, an Israeli court in Haifa finally

“Fair and Balanced” is fast becoming more slogan than operating system at Fox News, and nowhere is this seen more clearly than in the way Israel is increasingly being treated and the extent to which anti-Semitism is tolerated as part of the cable channel’s conversation.

Here are a few examples:

• For some time, Fox has been using Michael Scheuer as a commentator. Bill O’Reilly is most responsible for this, but Judge Anthony Napolitano also made Scheuer a regular. This pompous “head of the Bin

Obama worshipfully listening to Edward Said at an Arab community event in Chicago, May 1998.“President Obama has thrown allies like Israel under the bus.” That’s what Mitt Romney, Republican candidate for president, said in the high-profile speech accepting his party’s nomination last week, repeating a slang phrase for sacrificing a friend for selfish reasons that he had deployed before, for example in May 2011 and Jan. 2012.

This criticism of Obama fits a persistent Republican critique. Specifically, several other recent presidential candidates used or endorsed the same “bus”