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Sandro Rosell
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Monday, June 26, 2017


This week’s portion of Vayesheb deals primarily with the sale of Joseph by his brothers. The verses tell us that after stripping Joseph and throwing him into the pit, “Midianite  men,  traders,  passed  by;  they (the brothers) pulled  and  brought  Yosef  up  from  the  pit  and  sold Yosef  to  the  Yishmaelim  for  twenty  pieces  of  silver;  then  they (the  Midianites) brought  Yosef  to  Mitzrayim. “  At our class, we quote the Targum of R’ Yonatan Ben Uziel which adds a strange and seemingly unimportant fact. “The brothers purchased sandals with the money”. 

One has to wonder, why shoes? Was there a sale? Did all their shoes suddenly wear out at the same time? Was there some show plague that resulted due to the selling of

We read this week of the battle between our forefather Jacob and the ministering Angel of Esav or Edom. However we understand man wrestling with an angel, the rabbis tell us that the dust from their battle rose all the way up to the kiseh HaKavod – The Heavenly Throne of Glory. The Rabbis explain that this dust represents a key factor in the battle between this angel who is also the primordial snake and the children of Israel. It is the dust which represents those misvot which one might consider

There are those who enjoy the luxury of traveling first class and there are those who would rather endure a few hours with the worst airline sitting in the worst seat if it saves them a few bucks. What a contrast two seats and two airlines can make in travel. We see that same contrast in “flights” from Israel up to Syria in these parshiot. Two weeks ago we read of the servant of Abraham going up to Syria to find a wife for Isaac. He takes with him a caravan of ten camels along with servants

To many people, the events that we read about in the Torah are just charming Bible stories, but that is the farthest thing from the truth.

Every occurrence, every word in the Torah is a message for us, today. It is written, Ma`aseh avot, siman l`banim”-- “Whatever happened to our forefathers, is a sign for us, their children” Indeed, it`s the blueprint of the future, so if we wish to understand our contemporary world, and know how we may best respond to the many challenges that confront us, we

In this week`s parsha we discover how we might best develop our spiritual potential and find more meaning in our lives.

Our father Jacob had a vision through a dream that speaks to us for all time. In his dream he beheld a ladder anchored to the ground reaching heavenward, with angels ascending and descending. This dream evokes many questions. Why do angels need a ladder? And should they not descend before they ascend? Why is a ladder the connecting link between heaven and earth? Why not a