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Tuesday, September 26, 2017


This week’s parsha contains the story of the purchase of the Cave of Machpela and the burial of the Matriarch Sarah. The Mishneh in Avos says that Avraham experienced 10 tests, which are listed or alluded to in the previous two parshios.

According to most commentaries, the commandment to sacrifice his son Yitzchak was the tenth and final test. According to most opinions, Avraham reached the apex of his spirituality when he passed that test.

The Rabbeinu Yona, in his commentary to Pirkei Avos, disagrees. Rabbeinu Yona lists the incident in this week’s parsha related to Sarah’s burial as the tenth and final test. The fact that Avraham has to buy a burial plot for his wife from Ephron, in the land promised to him by G-d, constitutes the

Commentary on Parshas Chayei Sarah

Sarah was the classic Jewish mother and one of the seven prophetesses quoted in Scripture. Her home was no ordinary tent. It had extraordinary qualities: a cloud of holiness, doors which symbolically proclaimed their openness to all passersby, a blessing in her dough, a Sabbath lamp that remained lit all week long. These miracles were not Abraham’s doing; they all ceased with Sarah’s death.

There was a special significance in these blessings. They paralleled

Avraham wasn’t merely asked to kill his child; he was asked to bring him as an Olah, to perform all of the details that are done to a sacrifice in the Bais Hamikdash.  (Pictured: Rembrandt’s “The Sacrifice of Isaac”)An Act that Echoes Through Time

“And Avraham awoke in the morning, hitched his donkey, and took his two lads, and Yitzchak with him. He split wood for the sacrifice and went to the place that the Hashem had commanded him to.” Bereishit 22:3

Avraham Avinu was commanded with a supreme test, and one of the greatest challenges ever presented to man: “Take your son, your only son, the son that you love…”

One has the right to ask, “What was so great about this act?” Even today we witness people who are willing to

Finding a life partner is always a difficult thing, but imagine how much more difficult it must have been for Abraham to find a wife for his son Isaac in ancient Canaan. The entire world was pagan except for Abraham, his family and a small group of his followers. Where was he to find a girl who would readily abandon her culture and embrace the Jewish way of life?

As we read in this week’s portion, Abraham sends his retainer Eliezer to Syria to seek out a wife among the other branches of his

This planet that we occupy is a five-star hotel. We have every imaginable pleasure and amenity available to us. We enjoy majestic sights and experiences that constantly surround us. Whether we recognize it for its extraordinary value or not, we are the recipients of an unfathomable amount of good.The Five Star Hotel Called Life

“After these matters, Hashem appeared to Avram in a dream and said, “Do not fear, Avram. I will guard you. Your reward is great.” (Bereishis 16:1)

When Avraham Avinu was informed that his nephew, Lot, was captured, against all odds and in a most courageous manner, he waged war against the combined armies of the four kings. Miraculously, he was victorious and freed Lot.

After these events, G-d appeared to Avraham and said, “Do not fear; your reward is great.”