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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Wednesday, October 18, 2017


Former congressman and man-about-town Anthony Weiner, schmoozing with constituents back in 2010. (SOURCE: FACEBOOK)Is He Planning a Bid for Mayor?

Anthony Weiner resigned from his Congressional seat just over one year ago in the wake of an embarrassing scandal – but he may already be planning a political comeback, possibly even a run for Mayor of New York City.

As a Congressman known for his sharp intellect and outspoken stands on such liberal touchstone issues as the health care overhaul, Anthony Weiner was considered a rising star in the Democratic Party. But when he was forced to admit that he had been using the Internet to send out shockingly inappropriate messages and photos of himself to a number of female followers, Weiner’s career in public life came to a screeching halt, and any talk of a future mayoral candidacy seemed permanently

Vice President Joe BidenWinners

President Barack Obama:

With a dismal first-term record, a stagnated economy, and running for reelection with an essentially message-less negative campaign, Barack Obama has more mazel than anything else. The race was a dead heat since May of 2012 until the very end – on Election Day. Obama performed badly in the first debate and was reasonably competent in the remaining debates, but some “water and wind” – i.e. Hurricane Sandy – made him look presidential in the final analysis

23-year-old Chaim Levin says he was submitted to “degrading and humiliating” therapy while attempting to change his sexual orientation under JONAHs auspices.Four young men – one of whom claims to be an Orthodox Jew – who identify themselves as gay, and two of their mothers, filed a lawsuit this week against a New Jersey conversion therapy group that claims to rid men of same-gender attractions and turn them straight.

Three of the men at the news conference are Jewish, and the fourth is a Mormon now living in Salt Lake City, who was a college student in New York when he signed up for the therapeutic services, the AP reported.

The lawsuit, filed in

UJA-Federation head John Ruskay says that the JPPI’s annual conferences generate ideas that are seriously considered by both Israeli and Jewish communal leaders.More than 120 major Jewish leaders, decision makers and prominent academics from around the world gathered together to discuss key issues facing the Jewish world at the Jewish People Policy Institute Conference, which was held in Jerusalem on the last two days of October. Tackling a wide range of topics, the delegates proposed a new model for Jewish communal fundraising and emphasized the value of close cooperation between Israel and Jewish communities in the Diaspora. The JPPI is a think tank

The ‘Magenta Yenta’ Sparkles, But is There Substance Behind the Style?

She may get top marks for enthusiasm, but the young Orthodox woman seeking to unseat State Senator Kevin Parker is scoring rather poorly when it comes to contemporary political knowledge.

In the last couple of weeks, 22-year-old Mindy Meyer, dubbed the “Magenta Yenta” in the media, has drawn a great deal of media attention with her vibrant youthful personality and surprising selection by New York State’s Conservative Party to