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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Wednesday, October 18, 2017


Illinois Congressional candidate Arthur Jones, who claims the Holocaust never happened.Arthur Jones, a candidate for Congress in Illinois who is attempting to run as a Republican, has called the Holocaust “the biggest lie in history.”

The 64-year-old insurance salesman, who has mounted a run against Democratic Representative Daniel Lipinski, told CBS in St. Louis, “This idea that six million Jews were killed in the Holocaust is the biggest, blackest lie in history. There is no proof that the Holocaust took place in Europe against the Jews.” Jones went on to describe the Holocaust as “an international extortion racket by the Jews,” charging that Jews are amassing millions of dollars through media presentations of their persecution during World War II. “The more ‘survivors,’ the more lies that are told,” he declared.

Photo Credit: Nancy MillerThousands Gather for 30th annual Yeshiva Bet El Dinner

A palpable electricity filled the air on Sunday evening, as over 2000 people gathered for the annual gala dinner supporting the town of Bet El, a vibrant and growing Jewish community nestled in the hills of the Shomron in Israel. Held at the Marriott Marquis Hotel in Times Square and sponsored by the American Friends of Bet El Yeshiva Center, this year’s event marked their 30th soiree, and featured a veritable panoply of distinguished

Outgoing State Senator Storobin is still prepared to re-enter public service and fight for his core political beliefs.  Photo Credit: Dave Sanders for The New York Times.It has been a tough year for New York State Senator David Storobin. After a fierce battle following a two-month recount, the Russian-Jewish political newcomer made history, being declared the victor in a race nobody had given him a chance of winning, by beating his challenger with a mere 13 votes. Ultimately only able to attend sessions in Albany on 11 days, Storobin quickly decided to run for reelection in Brooklyn’s newly drawn ‘Super Jewish’ district.

Last week, Storobin lost his reelection

Democrat David Greenfield is running for reelection in Brooklyn’s 44th district, which includes neighborhoods in Boro Park, Midwood, and Bensonhurst. Mr. Greenfield worked as the Executive Vice President to the Sephardic Community Federation and is the Volunteer Director to TEACH NYS. He is also a mayoral appointee to the New York Non-Public School Standing Committee. In this capacity, he spearheaded a free tutoring program valued at tens of millions of dollars.

Mr. Greenfield served as Deputy

The Germans did not even have three women high jumpers to field, as did other Olympic teams. And one of their two jumpers later turned out to be a man who disguised himself as a woman on orders from Nazi officials. Ironically, the Hungarian athlete who won the high-jump in the 1936 games reached the same height Lambert did in the try-outs, 1.60. No matter; sacrificing an Olympic medal was a price Hitler was more than willing to pay in exchange for the propaganda points he scored.