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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Saturday, April 29, 2017

Real Estate

Residential Highrise Features $50M Penthouse

Someone looking to purchase a high-class, ultra-modern luxury apartment in Israel would do well to consider Meier-on-Rothschild, Israel’s tallest condominium.

Designed by architect extraordinaire Richard Meier, the 32-story building in Tel Aviv offers a $50 million penthouse, called "The Palace in the Sky," that features a 10-by-14-foot bullet- and fire-proof concrete safe room which is accessible through a metal door and is additionally protected with reinforced glass.

Aware of the country’s 1992 law requiring every new home to be built with the security feature, the New York-based Meier made sure to create a structure that would nevertheless meet his high standards of aesthetics. Accordingly

A strong U.S. dollar relative to Israels shekel (above) suggests that now may be the an ideal time for Americans to buy property in Israel.With many countries experiencing major financial shake-ups, the U.S. dollar – having initially plummeted at the beginning of the global recession – is now seen as one of the world’s strongest currencies and its value has risen dramatically.

One year ago, the dollar was worth 3.4 New Israeli Shekels (or “NIS” or “shekels”); today the same dollar can buy you approximately four shekels, which represents over a 15% increase in value.

What does the dollar’s strength mean to an American who wants to buy

View of Arnona from Ramat RachelArnona has recently been the focus of my attention as I am working with many clients who are buying apartments in a new residential project being developed in this charming neighborhood. After spending a week running informational programs in New York and New Jersey, six families have already signed up to buy apartments and another dozen families are looking at plans and discussing pricing.

The project has generated tremendous interest due to its relatively affordable prices, high construction

Build NYC Resource Corporation (Build NYC) has approved $33.6 million in tax-exempt financing to assist Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty (Met Council) in providing critical housing for seniors living in Staten Island. SeaView Senior Living Housing Development Fund Corporation, a not-for-profit organization formed by Met Council and Leewood-SeaView, will provide a revolutionary type of affordable assisted-living to a community in need of safe and comfortable housing.

“Staten Island is in

Gary Barnett, an Orthodox Jew, has become one of the leading real estate figures in New York City as head of Extell Development Company.The real estate world is buzzing about Nordstrom Inc., a popular department store chain with more than 100 locations, which is preparing to open its first full-service store in Manhattan.

Gary Barnett, an Orthodox Jewish real estate mogul, has played a key role in securing the new site for Nordstrom, which sells clothing, jewelry, cosmetics and accessories for adults and children. Last week’s announcement of the new store concludes a search for an appropriate Manhattan site that lasted for over