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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Sunday, June 25, 2017

Real Estate

With the exception of this past year in which prices have softened somewhat, Israel real estate prices over the past decade have risen significantly.

Understandably, the Bank of Israel (Israel’s version of the US Federal Reserve) wants to prevent pricing from escalating to the point of creating a housing bubble with all its attendant risks.

As a result, a few weeks ago the Bank of Israel changed a number of housing lending requirements in order to help keep real estate pricing in check.

First, the Bank of Israel placed mortgage restrictions on real estate investors who already own a home and are buying second and third homes as investments. Statistics indicate that this segment of buyers is driving up market prices. Therefore, the Bank

Billionaire and philanthropist Ron Lauder is likely not smiling as much after his Long Island home was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy.Being rich and famous does not mean much to Mother Nature. Hurricane Sandy hit the Hamptons hard, destroying the Wainscott home of cosmetics baron and philanthropist Ronald Lauder, according to a report from the East Hampton Press.

In Sagaponack, Hamptons developer Jeffrey Colle said he saw “an enormous amount of erosion in the main dune,” where he nearly fell off an eight-foot drop near singer Billy Joel’s home that used to be a beach. “The road stops and you walk onto the sand usually, and

Sharp Rebound in Transaction, Dollar Volume from July Figures

Multifamily building sales in New York City rebounded sharply in August after an unusually lackluster July, according to Ariel Property Advisors’ Multifamily Month in Review: New York City for August.

August 2012 multifamily sales saw 56 transactions comprised of 81 buildings totaling $574.498 million in gross consideration, which is a 44 percent increase in transaction volume, a 53 percent increase in building volume, and a 120

Israeli law requires that in every new building with at least two elevators, one elevator must be prepared with the necessary mechanism to convert it into a Shabbat elevator. Picture this scenario: You find a great apartment in Jerusalem that fits all of your needs but it is located on the fourth floor and the building’s elevator does not have a Shabbat mode. The real estate agent says, “Don’t worry, the majority of tenants are religious; they will convert it into a Shabbat elevator within a year or two.” Should you rely on your agent’s prediction or are those words just wishful thinking?

My partner Eliezer Goldberg, who in addition to being an excellent real estate

ID Analytics Survey Also Finds Millions of U.S. Adults Would Exaggerate Personal Information to Get Credit and Feel it’s Acceptable to Have a Poor Credit Score

Nearly 68 million U.S. adults (32 percent) believe homeowners should be able to strategically default on their mortgages without any consequences, according to recent survey results revealed last week at Advance 2012, ID Analytics’ 10th consumer risk conference . The survey of 1,026 U.S. adults, conducted online by JZ Analytics last