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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Thursday, May 25, 2017

Real Estate

Neve Dekalim, Gaza Strip, evacuated by Israel in 2005.Roughly fifteen families living in the Ulpana neighborhood in the West Bank were evacuated from their homes on Tuesday and relocated to a nearby army base.

As vans arrived to take residents and their advocates away from Ulpana, the men and women left in the outlying neighborhood within the Beit El settlement bowed their heads in prayer.
According to Israel’s Ministry of Defense, the other fifteen families belonging to the same plot will be moved on Thursday.

Residents of the five apartment buildings will be displaced to a former Border Police base—4.5 acres if state land, and the buildings are to be annexed to the new settlement. In addition, three hundred other residences are scheduled to be built on the new plot.

Police arrived on Tuesday

Ben Gurion Airport (Photo credit: Gila Brand)I recently read an interesting article about the revitalization of Lod and was fascinated by the narrative of the ongoing gentrification process which is transforming many of Israel’s former development towns.

Lod is a city whose history goes back thousands of years. It is mentioned in the Bible in the books of Ezra and Nehemiah as one of the cities to which the Jews returned after the Babyonian exile.  Lod became a center of Jewish scholarship: Rabbi Akiva, Rabban Gamliel, Rav Huna and Rabbi

The famed Nevele Hotel in the Catskills is set to be redeveloped into a resort and casino.The well-known Nevele Grande Hotel and Country Club, a sprawling 500-acre spread in the Catskills Mountains, is expected to undergo a $500 million redevelopment that will transform it into a resort and casino. Nevele Investors LLC, which has purchased the site in the town of Wawarsing and must await government approval for casino gaming, has expressed its intention to preserve a few of the hotel’s classic architectural aspects, including its tower, ice rink and entrance lobby. The investment

The government is looking to address the short-term demand for housing in Israel by forcing owners of vacant apartments to sell them to users. The government estimates that there are 140,000 vacant apartments nationwide, and that this new tax will trigger the sale of up to 15,000 units per year.In August 2011, thousands of Israelis participated in “tent city” demonstrations against the high cost of living, and particularly the lack of affordable housing. In response to these social protests, Prime Minister Netanyahu appointed the Trajtenberg Committee to address the complaints and to come up with recommendations to rectify the situation.

Two months ago, the Israeli government approved the committee’s housing recommendations and implemented a number of measures, including (1) forcing

A CNBC survey showed that Israel is the third-hottest housing market in the world, behind Hong Kong and China. Israeli housing prices grew more than 21 percent in 2009 and 16 percent in 2010.

Property prices seemed to have fallen slightly after demonstrators took to the Israeli streets in the summer of 2011, asking the government to make housing more affordable. However, since then housing demand seems to be growing, “with new mortgages issued by banks jumping by more than 14 percent in March