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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Monday, April 24, 2017


Cutting edge technology is unearthing fascinating new evidence regarding the Jews of Vilna

Israeli archeologists are world-renowned for identifying and excavating ancient sites within Israel and beyond, adding to our understanding of life thousands of years ago.

In recent years, some archeologists from the Israeli Antiquities Authority, working with other archeologists from around the world, have been uncovering secrets from a more recent past, namely synagogues and other Jewish buildings in Vilnius, Lithuania, which were destroyed during World War Two by the Nazis, and an escape tunnel used by Lithuanian Jews during the Holocaust. In the process, these scientists have reminded the world that the history of Vilnius is largely the

Chabad House serves as a central address for Jews in Denmark

Walk down the block-long Ole Suhrs Gade Street in Copenhagen—from the Botanical Gardens at one end to Sortedams Lake at the other—and there is a certain old-world charm. Neighbors engage in quiet conversation or sip coffee at corner cafes, with dozens of bicycles parked in racks or leaning against the long rows of similar-appearing, walk-up apartment buildings that line both sides of the street. It is therefore easy to walk right

Sometimes you’ll find the most splendid synagogues in the places you least expect.

Such was the case during my recent three-day trip to Boise, Idaho, a popular gateway for skiing, river rafting, and hiking that isn’t exactly known for being a hotbed of Jewish life.

Yet there at 11 N. Latah St., just a five-minute drive from downtown, sits the oldest continuously in-use synagogue west of the Mississippi River.

And it’s far more than just a beautiful wood building. As I learned

Whether you'd prefer to eat holiday foods or get cultured, there are oodles of opportunities to feel the holiday spirit

Hanukkah is a time for celebration. And there are dozens of ways to have fun in Israel during the Festival of Lights, starting this year on the night of December 24.

Just about every theater company in the country is offering special deals to woo audiences, and museums are featuring interactive exhibits and holiday-themed displays.

Bakeries are brimming with

Enjoy top-notch cuisine while taking in the spectacular seascape and landscape of Israel at these fabulous restaurants across the country.

Israel’s culinary culture is booming. People around the world are eager to discover the flavorful fusion that defines Israeli cuisine, whether on a food tour in Israel, in award-winning Israeli-style restaurants abroad and even on the silver screen.

Ambience is an important part of any dining experience. In that spirit, ISRAEL21c has devised a wide