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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Thursday, July 20, 2017


There are two things that come to mind when people talk about Hamat Gader: natural thermo-mineral springs and crocodiles.

Of course, there are many more things to do at this 40-acre tropical parkland in the Yarmouk River valley, near the Sea of Galilee, but these two recreation options make Hamat Gader famous.

The natural springs have been a recreation destination since the days of the Roman Empire. With a sulfur concentration of 4.7 percent, these thermal baths have been credited with having a therapeutic effect on the body.

“Athletes, people with joint problems or skin issues… the minerals in the water are good for everyone,” Hamat Gader Resort General Manager Sharon Ninio tells ISRAEL21c.

Other natural hot springs dot the

Ural Airlines announced the inauguration of a new route from Moscow to Tel Aviv against the backdrop of a 35% increase in incoming tourism from Russia.

“Russia is one of the most important markets with which we are working to market Israel as an attractive tourism destination,” said Tourism Minister Yariv Levin. 

“This is another important step in our efforts to encourage tourism from Russia and I am convinced that the opening of this route will lead to an additional increase in the number of

Airline reaches settlement agreement with Dr. David Dao, a passenger violently ejected from his seat on a UA flight to make room for staff.

United Airlines, which suffered a public relations disaster this month when a passenger seated on a UA flight was violently ejected to make room for UA employees, has agreed to settle a lawsuit with the injured passenger out of court.

The settlement agreement was announced by the passenger’s attorney last Thursday, ending a lawsuit against the company for

Kosher Summer Vacation with The Feder family & Tour Olam

Serfaus, Austria

June 27 - August 26 2017

The pretty holiday village of Serfaus is hidden in the folds of the Tirol Mountains in the Western part of Austria. The village streets are filled with hotels, restaurants and shopping centers. You will enjoy walking down the picturesque streets and seeing the well kept, spotlessly clean houses and gardens of this tourist village with a rustic atmosphere. The main pedestrian mall in the

The Nabateans traversed the hilly desert by camel, but you can do it by car, jeep or bike and see some spectacular scenery along the way

Close your eyes and travel back in time 2,000 years. You’re riding the back of a camel laden with frankincense and myrrh from faraway Yemen, navigating 100 kilometers (62 miles) across the harsh, hilly Negev Desert to get your precious cargo to the Mediterranean ports.

For 700 years, from the third century BCE until the second century CE, this was the