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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Thursday, July 20, 2017


Israeli President Shimon Peres rebuffed El Al for the exorbitant baggage fee it charges for transporting oxygen tanks on board.
Apparently, even Shimon Peres – despite being the President of Israel – has his limits when it comes to loyalty to all things Israeli. The 88-year-old veteran politician was willing to travel between countries on El Al, Israel’s national carrier, until he was informed that the airline demanded an extra $4,700 to transport the oxygen tank that he is medically required to take with him. 

Annoyed by the hefty baggage fee for such an essential item, Peres contacted Air Canada, which – in addition to offering him a less expensive ticket than El Al – told the president that there would be no charge whatsoever for storing the oxygen tank in the passenger cabin. Peres jumped at the economically advantageous offer, and immediately had his

British Airways this week is celebrating eight decades of flights between London and Tel Aviv.
British Airways is celebrating 80 consecutive years of flights from London to Tel Aviv.

The London–Israel route was originally established in 1932 by Imperial Airways, a British company that operated from 1924 to 1939, mostly to British imperial colonies. In 1939, Imperial Airways and British Airways Ltd. merged into a single British national airline, the predecessor to today’s British Airways.

The original flights to Israel were flown on a Scipio S17 plane that landed directly on the Sea of

An airport in Stockholm will not allow Arkia to fly to the Swedish capital because of its questionable security measures.An Israeli airline has encountered resistance from European airports for its intensive security standards, according to a report published by Haaretz on Thursday.

Arkia, an Israeli airline offering flights to a number of locales throughout Western Europe, was told off by Swedish authorities who refuse to allow Israelis to conduct ethnic and personal profiling while performing airport searches on Swedish soil. This decision by Stockholm comes after Copenhagen decided similarly last summer, and

The David Falls in Ein Gedi.If you’ve never been to Ein Gedi, spring is a prime time to explore this Judean Desert nature reserve and national park on the shore of the Dead Sea. It’s surrounded by majestic cliffs and replete with places for hiking, sunbathing, wildlife-watching and relaxing in a hot-spring spa.

A good way to gain a beginners’ appreciation of the panorama, history and archaeology is an hour-long hike to the nature reserve’s lower David Stream (Nahal David), where you’ll get a fantastic vantage point.

Israel’s national airline, El Al, is debating the possibility of dividing into two separate companies, one low-cost carrier and one premium carrier. The airline may be forced to make the split as an efficiency measure to forestall the possibility of new competition as a result of the open-skies agreement that Israel concluded with the European Union.

The premium airline would specialize in premium long-haul flights to areas such as the United States and the Far East, while the low-cost airline