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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Monday, April 24, 2017


The Costa Concordia after it ran aground 11 Dead, Dozens Injured

The Costa Concordia, an Italian luxury liner, hit a reef and capsized at Isola del Giglio in Tuscany last Friday (Jan. 13), resulting in at least eleven deaths and 64 injuries.  The crash was the largest of a passenger ship in history by tonnage. 

While the cause of the crash is currently being investigated, it is believed that a major cause may have been human error by ship captain Francesco Schettino. Schettino is accused of taking the boat too close to shore, and far off the programmed route for the cruise.  Several passengers remain missing and unaccounted for, and several passengers were rescued after being trapped in the ship after the initial evacuation.

The Concordia was the largest ship built in Italy when it

El AL Israel Airlines prides itself as being the only airline to exclusively serve kosher food on board. But in a Hebrew-language guide to New York last month, the eateries suggested by the airline were all non-kosher. In fact, there were no kosher options in the guide which included a map of Manhattan. The five recommended restaurants featured such New York landmarks as Peter Luger. A spokesperson for El Al indicated that the airline was looking into the matter. KosherToday reports that it has

With 75 million Americans hitting the water and recreational boating businesses generating an estimated $30 billion in sales and services in 2010, it’s no wonder that the 107th New York Boat Show – which was sponsored by Progressive Insurance and just wrapped up a mammoth five-day event at the Javits Center in Manhattan – attracted 50,000 boating enthusiasts to its panoply of offerings, which encompassed a showcase of the newest and best in boating, blockbuster attractions and interactive

A scene from last years tremendously successful Jerusalem International Opera Festival.Following the success of last year’s inaugural Jerusalem International Opera Festival, the Municipality of Jerusalem and the Israeli Opera presents the second Jerusalem International Opera Festival in September 2012, featuring three spectacular one time evenings at the Sultan’s Pool, at the foot of the Old City walls.
September 6 - La Boheme at the foot of the Old City walls.
One of the most popular operas in the repertoire. A touching love story that always brings a tear to your eye. A spectacular

Polish calendars for 2012 contain the above anti-Semitic illustration, in which rats wearing yarmulkes (bottom) flee from a flame thrower. The caption reads Fight for the wellbeing of Poland through national solidarity. Defend Poland from the Jewish invasion.A tourism leaflet recently released by Polish authorities featured an anti-Semitic poster from the pre-World War II era. The poster, which was reproduced in a calendar for 2012, showed rats with yarmulkes fleeing from an advancing flame thrower. The leaflet was formed through collaboration of prominent Polish artists and organizations, and was characterized by the mayor of Warsaw as “a beautiful showcase for the masterpieces of Polish graphic art.” Members of the Polish Council of Christians and Jews