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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Tuesday, May 30, 2017


Israel’s Civil Aviation Authority is examining a new demand by Turkey that it report, 10 days in advance and through diplomatic channels, any Israeli flight that intends to pass through Turkey’s territorial airspace and contains hazardous cargo.

According to Israel Hayom, the Transportation Ministry said that CAL Cargo Air Lines, which operates cargo flights to Belgium and the U.S. from Israel, received the demand from Turkish authorities and relayed it to the ministry.

Almost all cargo flights from Israel pass through Turkish airspace and they almost always include materials that can be defined as hazardous.
Relations between the once-steadfast regional allies have chilled in recent years.
JointMedia News Service
 Tel Avivs Park Plaza Hotel boasts world-class amenities, not to mention, a gorgeous view.While most of the fabled religious and cultural sites of Israel reside in the better-known capital of Jersusalem, the financial and economic center of Israel is in Tel Aviv.  Tel Aviv is the largest city and metropolitan area in Israel by population. Tel Aviv is Israel’s most modern city, with a history only dating to 1909, and it is located on the west coast of Israel, next to the pristine waters of the Mediterranean Sea.  Tel Aviv is commonly known as “the White City” for the prominence of

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has expressed “concern and disappointment” over allegations of discriminatory and bigoted conduct by senior officials at the Federal Air Marshal Service toward employees who would be targeted for harassment or undesirable assignments, as outlined in a report issued last week by the Homeland Security Department’s Inspector General’s Office.

While making clear that discrimination was not widespread, the inspector general’s report nevertheless outlined several

Frequent flyers, take note – the Transportation Security Administration has begun offering an express check-in service for eligible frequent flyers at twenty-seven airports around the country, including Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International and Miami International airports. The “Precheck Program” gives selected travelers the option to voluntarily share additional personal information, thereby enabling government officials to screen them for security purposes before their arrival at airport

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