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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Sunday, October 22, 2017


Duck Key Villas at Hawks Cay – will be offering glatt kosher food, Sephardic and Chabad minyanim, and this.The high holidays will soon be upon us and there are many travel opportunities out there for those who want to venture away from home this year, both near and far.

Come experience Rosh Hashanah 2012 at Hawks Cay Resort with Florida Kosher Vacations. The stay will be four days, three nights, September 16-19 with a special offer for a Shabbat Program, September 14-15.

Hawks Cay Resort is on Duck Key, surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. The resort features five pools, and a private saltwater lagoon where guests can interact with dolphins.  Guests will have an option of private 2-3 bedroom villas. Amenities include premium bedding, LCD TVs, Bose radios, and in-room safes. Wireless Internet access is provided.

During the

Israel’s national airline has announced that it will honor all of the tickets mistakenly sold for cut-rate prices over the Internet. El Al Airlines announced this past week that it has decided to honor the approximately 5,000 airfare tickets that were mistakenly sold on August 6 via the Internet for unusually low prices.

The Israeli airline also said that it is offering a “more convenient option” to those customers who bought the cut-rate tickets.

According to El Al management, since the unintended cheap tickets were for a trip to Israel with a stopover in Europe in both directions, it is offering those passengers the option to

Israel and the European Union (EU) have initiated an open-skies agreement that will make travel easier between Israel and Europe. The agreement was submitted to the Israeli government and the European Parliament for approval.

Officials also hope that the agreement will reduce airfares and encourage European tourism in Israel. The agreement was reached after three years of negotiations and has been deemed historic by the Israeli Ministry of Transport, according to Globes.

If approved, the

New York’s JFK Airport has the biggest tendency of all American airports to spread disease.A new study has revealed that New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport is the most likely of all American airports to generate the spread of disease. This disconcerting fact was discovered by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology when they analyzed 40 of the country’s largest airports in terms of the sites’ tendency to spread a contagious illness from their surrounding area to distant locations.

According to the researchers, their review will give public health officials the ability to

Ukranian-born travel consultant Sophia Kulich offers a unique brand of customized Jewish heritage tours to destinations all around the world. (Photo credit: who has read or seen the cinematic adaptation of Jonathan Safran Foer’s Everything Is Illuminated, a tale of Jewish ancestral detective work that creatively weaves through multiple generations, cannot help but recall those hilarious moments when the main character (also named Jonathan) navigates rural Ukraine in a miniscule car with his translator, a smelly dog, and a blind old man who happens to be the driver. Like Jonathan, many of us yearn to uncover the lost stories of our Jewish