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An artists rendering of a minyan in the 1800s Torrents of rain beat down on his face, but the tempest did not prevent chassidic master Rabbi Leib Sarah’s from reaching the village. It was only several hours before the beginning of Yom Kippur. He was some distance from his intended destination, but he was relieved to learn that in this village, too, there would be a minyan (quorum of ten) with which to pray—eight local villagers would be joined by two men who lived in the nearby forest.

Rabbi Leib immersed himself, in preparation for the holy day, in the purifying waters of a river which ran by the village; ate the meal which precedes the fast; and hastened to be the first in the little wooden synagogue. There he settled down to recite the various private devotions with which he was

Every person should view himself all year as if he were half innocent and half guilty. And that is the way he should look at the world as well, as if it were half innocent and half guiltySome of what follows is based on these works: "The Festivals in Halachah," by Rabbi Shlomo Yosef Zevin, ZT"L, translated by Rabbi Shlomo Fox-Ashrei, and published in 1981 by Mesorah Publications (NY) and Hillel Publications (Jerusalem) and on the work "Aspaklarya," by Rabbi Shmuel Avraham Adler, published by Aspaklarya in 1996 (Jerusalem)

The term "Aseret Yemei Teshuvah" is not found in the Talmud Bavli, although the days referred to are mentioned there. The expression used in the Bavli is

For so many people across the entire Jewish spectrum, the mention of Passover brings along with it an association with matzah balls, a.k.a. in Yiddish, “knaidelach.” Here are three of my favorite matzah ball recipes, one of them being completely matzah-free. Enjoy them! They can all be made in advance and then frozen for later use. This way, they are all ready to go and when you want them, just add them frozen to your hot, bubbling soup about a half hour before turning off the fire and presto –

A synagogue in the Jewish quarter of Baghdad.It was midday when an elderly traveler entered the Jewish quarter of Baghdad. The marketplace, where merchants from many lands sold their fabrics, spices and other wares, seemed strangely empty for such a day. He sighted the grandest building in the section, and determined that must be the great synagogue. He continued his trek towards it until he entered its courtyard and sat down to rest, opening his small sack to take out a few dried figs to refresh his strength. Yet no sooner had he started

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The definitive symbol of Passover is matzah, unleavened bread. The entire baking process of matzah, from the mixing of flour and water to its baking in the oven, must be done in less than 18 minutes, before it can leaven or ferment. Visit a matzah bakery and you will never see Jews move so quickly