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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Tuesday, September 26, 2017


Urges Parents to Look Out for Symptoms of Teenage Drinking  

As part of its Safe Homes, Safe Schools, Safe Shuls initiative, the Orthodox Union Department of Community Engagement has issued a “Purim Safety Alert: Let’s be Safe on Purim” advisory. “In past years, our community unfortunately has heard of countless stories of teenagers and young adults involved in car accidents on Purim due to drunk driving.  It is time for parents and teens to be proactive and make certain that safety is the overriding concern throughout Purim,” the alert declares. “Bodily harm through intoxication is not a mitzvah on Purim, and driving under the influence of alcohol is illegal, leads to impaired judgment, and chas ve’shalom, a possible catastrophe.”

Dr. Brody and his family dedicated the Megillah Reader section of a beautiful stained glass window, depicting Purim, at the Great Neck Synagogue, in his grandfather’s memory.7th and 8th Graders Fulfill Mitzvah of Kriat Megillah

Once again, on Purim Day, as for the past 10 years, the students of the Middle School of the North Shore Hebrew Academy (NSHA), of Great Neck, Long Island, will be present on a mandatory day of attendance. However, they will, by and large, be attending very willingly and enthusiastically. In fact, many will be accompanied by their parents and siblings. Twenty-three boys, from the 7th and 8th grades, will chant their respective portions of