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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Saturday, March 25, 2017

Special Features

In a moving discovery made at the site of the former Nazi extermination camp, Sobibór, remains were uncovered, which are believed to be the location where victims undressed and their heads shaved before being sent into the gas chambers. These archaeological findings were discovered by Polish archaeologist Wojciech Mazurek and Yoram Haimi, an archaeologist from the Israel Antiquities Authority and their Dutch associate, archaeologist Ivar Schute. The archaeological excavations, underway since 2007, are underwritten by the Steering Committee for the international project to establish a new museum and memorial site in the former German Nazi extermination camp in Sobibór, in coordination with Yad Vashem's International Institute for Holocaust

On Monday January 9, 2017, UJA kicked off its 100th year at Jazz at Lincoln Center beginning with a red carpet at 7:30 PM. This event was sold out weeks in advance and contained an illustrious group of Wall Street heavy hitters such as: Daniel Och, David Moore, Jeff Schoenfeld, Boaz Weinstein, David Wassong, and Real Estate mogul Lenny Wilf. David Moore was still reminiscing about the success of the UJA Wall Street dinner which he said had an incredible lineup of the most

Rabbi Elie Abadie has been the driving force in unifying the Sephardic Jewish community in Manhattan. On a personal level, he has also greatly enriched our experience since we moved to Manhattan over five years ago. The speakers, foreign ambassadors and other diplomats, politicians, and humanitarian luminaries make Rabbi Abadie's synagogue their choice spot to pray on Shabbat. In the process, he brings thought, leadership and interesting discussions to the entire Congregation Edmond J

The onset of 2017 comes several weeks before President-elect Donald Trump takes office, ushering in a new era in the U.S.-Israel relationship. The new year and new administration bring intrigue and unanswered questions on a number of major storylines that could shape the complexion of American-Israeli ties both this year and for years to come. presents five potential major developments to watch for this year.

Will the U.S. Embassy in Israel move to Jerusalem?

Trump and his

The following is the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s annual list of 2016's Top Ten Worst Anti-Semitic/Anti-Israel Incidents.

With anti-Semitism raging on both sides of the Atlantic, with extreme anti-Israel BDS movement in full bloom, and with the latest anti-Israel resolution vote at the United Nations Security Council, we present a few of the most troubling incidents targeting the Jewish people.

1) United Nations Erases Jewish History

The most stunning 2016 UN attack on Israel was facilitated by