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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Special Features

Some areas are still not accessible, others were relatively spared

As first light dawned across Florida on Monday, people began venturing out to evaluate the damage left in the wake of Irma, one of the most powerful Atlantic hurricanes on record.

Large swaths of Florida have been battered by Hurricane Irma’s 120-plus-mph winds, which pounded the state for hours on end, and rainfall totals that could be measured in feet. More than two dozen people were killed in the storm when it roared through the Caribbean before setting its sights on Miami and cities northwards, and then surprisingly turning west towards Naples and up that coast.

The storm made landfall around 9 a.m. on Sunday morning in the Florida Keys, and as of Monday morning

The groundbreaking Pew survey of American Jews found four years ago that, in a few short decades, Orthodox Jews will comprise the majority of Jews in New York. But media reports typically ignore them, painting almost all Jews as liberal.

I am an Orthodox Jew and, besides also being an adjunct professor of law and having practiced complex business litigation for two decades at three of America’s most prominent national law firms, I also am an Orthodox rabbi of 35 years.  More about that last one

As a member of Houston’s Jewish community writing about a devastating flood for the third time since May 2015, I’m at a loss for words. Sitting in the comforts of my third-floor apartment, where I’m fortunate enough to view the unprecedented waters of Hurricane Harvey as a spectator, it feels trite to be putting on my “journalist’s hat” while countless others are either suffering or contributing to relief efforts. 

Yet as I’ve concluded in these situations before, the written word is a crucial

Danske Bank, which boycotted Bank Hapoalim, Elbit and other Israeli concerns for "ethical reasons," caught laundering over $1 billion

Sometimes important news items which seemingly have no relevance for Israel reveal significant Israel-related insights upon closer investigation. Danske Bank, the largest bank in Denmark, has recently admitted to having been a conduit for a giant corruption scheme by the leadership of Azerbaijan. Some of the documents covering this scandal became available to the

As New Yorkers gear up for yet another primary and general election season their voting choices for mayor, city council, public advocate, borough president, district attorney and comptroller remain overwhelming on the Democratic side of the proverbial aisle. While this should come as no surprise to any died-in-the-wool New Yorker who understands that their city has gained a reputation for maintaining a solid blue presence since its governmental formation; it is also clear that not